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WikiIndaba conference 2018/Submissions/Wiki Loves Butterfly-how it can be replicated in Africa?

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Wiki Loves Butterfly-how it can be replicated in Africa?
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Lightning talk
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Ananya Mondal
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West Bengal wikimedian User Group
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The overall purpose of Wiki Loves Butterfly here is to increase the amount of free licence materials regarding Lepidoptera (especially Butterfly) species in Commons, create and develop articles in Bengali Wikipedia to contribute species and subspecies in Wikispecies and also in Wikidata and aiming at broad spectrum of outreach programme and knowledge sharing and collaborating with special interest groups inspiring more user for Wikipedia. We aim also to raise awareness among various community chapters motivate them to contribute to the Wiki projects and organize this kind of project in different species and in different zones in future. In this proposed paper we would like to share our experience, views and opinions about-

  • Team selection and task allocation
  • Strategic approach
  • Sharing of learning and best practice

Also we would like to enlighten about the key factor behind the success of our 2 year WLB project including our resources, what worked well, as well as our solvents of the challenges.

We further wish to discuss our idea about how one can undergo a project work in species and subspecies level in different parts of Africa regarding not only butterfly, but also other species diversity (viz birds, snakes etc.)

We would also like to discuss our ideas about the prospect of effective collaborative works in near future regarding vast biodiversity in Africa, keeping in mind the vision of Wikimedia and free knowledge movements.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  • From this session, attendees will take note about framing an archive of the available species of Butterfly at their respective zones.
  • They can learn the usefulness of actively involving scientifically expertized resource persons and enthusiasts through extensive outreach programme thus rendering a solid team work and scientific support to the project work.
  • By way of contributing good number of quality images to Wikicommons, Wikidata,Wikispecies and Wikipedia the attendees can enrich the Wikimedia movement.
  • Attendees can even learn our planning about proper hotspot selection (With maximum butterfly population and variation) and perfect season choice (avoiding weather challenges affecting field work) by way of consulting with resource persons and local experts and thus securing the proper documentation of maximum number of species within relatively short period.

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