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The crucial role of Wikipedia in the success of architectural projects led by young African volunteers, 2019 edition

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Nassima Chahboun

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Nassima Chahboun

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Wikimedia Morocco User Group

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This presentation will shed light on how Wikipedia plays a crucial role in the success of volunteer architectural projects in Africa, specifically reconstruction after natural disasters, development of remote fabrics and rehabilitation of ruined monuments.

Through 3 concrete case studies of volunteer architectural projects in Morocco, the presentation will explain how Wikipedia has effectively helped young Moroccan architects to:

• Achieve their projects within a limited time, and with a reduced cost.

• Overcome the challenges they faced given the scarcity, the high cost, and sometimes the absence of conventional information sources such as books. • Improve projects quality and boost their sustainability.

Finally, it will give practical recommendations for Wikipedians about how to produce information that will highly contribute in the successful completion of existing or eventual projects, and that can even trigger new ones.

The presentation will be composed of 4 parts:

1. What types of volunteer architectural projects? What is their importance in the African context?

2. Why does Wikipedia play a key role in this type of projects?

3. How could Wikipedia improve the efficiency of the work of young volunteer architects ? (Case studies)

4. Practical recommandations: What can we do as Wikipedians? What content to produce? And how to produce it?

What will attendees take away from this session?

Understand the importance of Wikipedia for the success of volunteer architectural projects, and its direct impacts on the projects process and results.

Learn what type of information should be produced to promote community-based and culture-based architectural projects in Africa.

Learn the different ways to produce the needed information

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  • Project community and community development, Project content

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25 minutes
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