WikiIndaba conference 2019/Submissions/Wikipedia in the African Diaspora: An AfroCROWD presentation on collaboration with African Wikimedians and Wikimedians in the African Diaspora

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Wikipedia, Africa and the African Diaspora: An AfroCROWD presentation on collaboration with African Wikimedians and Wikimedians in the African Diaspora

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birds of a feather discussion
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Sherry Antoine
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United States

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The AfroCROWD initiative, which seeks to increase awareness of the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture, and software movements among potential editors of African descent, would like to hold a birds of a feather discussion and presentation aimed at creating a connection with African Wikimedians to explore potential opportunities for international collaboration with Africans living in the Diaspora.

This proposed session would focus on ways we organizers can work together to bridge the gap between Wikimedians on the continent of Africa and in the African Diaspora. The aim is to leave the discussion with the beginning stages of a project plan for at least one or two collaborative projects between a project in the African Diaspora and a program based in an African country.

AfroCROWD has expanded recently its efforts form New York City, in the United States to the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Uruguay with more to come. Since 2015, AfroCROWD has held at least one Wikimedia related edit-a-thon, translate-a-thon, most recently oral history record-a-thon or other Wiki event somewhere in the world.

The last time AfroCROWD participated in Wiki Indaba in Ghana, the vital African based connections made lead to several projects including an international edit-a-thon, a successful social media campaign, an AfroCROWD video tutorials montage, and collaboration on a new international Wikimedia challenge highlighting African Cinema.

The program will include a presentation by Sherry Antoine, AfroCROWD's program director, on what the initiative has discovered in its efforts to stay connected beyond the barriers of limited technology, time differences, and other challenges. It will also include a discussion time for participants on ideas on further overseas collaboration, what more can be accomplished and how.

It should be an enjoyable session with practical applications.

What will attendees take away from this session?

People participating in this will come away with an opportunity to hear about different projects happening to to improve and increase collaboration between African Wikimedians and Africans in the Diaspora. as well as an opportunity to network with other organizers hoping to work together with other Africans both in African countries and residing in the diaspora. �

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25 minutes
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