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WikiIndaba conference 2021/Program/The Bias Quizz

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Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : bias The Bias Quizz
Speakers : Florence Devouard Time block: Friday 5 November 2021 Start : 12:10
Location : Room C Duration : 55 minutes
Description :

The session will host a live interactive quizz in English, related to bias.

The host will ask twelve questions. The questions will be addressed to the audience of the session, who will be asked to answer and comment in the chat box (if no chat box is available, a tool will be used to record votes and allow display of results, but I am assuming there will be a mean to interact with participants). Each answer will be completed by a short summary of the issue, ideas or news, and links to know more. The topics raised will seek to either refer to a specific situation/event in the life of the community which happened in the last 2 years, or refer to resources to better understand bias, or refer to recent studies and facts of interest.


Cognitive Recognition Test :


Community Insights :

Donna Strickland’s :

Matilda effect

"Men Are Elected, Women Are Married: Events Gender Bias on #Wikipedia" (Sun et al, 2021)

Unreliable guidelines Study. Art and Feminism

The thinking shop

The Cognitive Bias Codex

The implicit Association Test

Timezone trickery - Delphine Ménard


And finally the IKEA bed from Anass

Themes : Gender, Diversity and Inclusion
Tags : Gender Bias, Gender, Wikipedia Bias, Knowledge Gaps
Notes : #WikiIndaba2021_bias