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Minutes originally drafted in Google doc and copied here after 48 hours


Date: 6:00 pm UTC, 10 December 2019
NB: First use of Jitsi in stead of Zoom.



  • Update on action items from July
    • How best to advertise the $1,000 available for technical editor role? (Working group? Self-nominate)
    • Contact OJS (Thomas)
    • Create test extension for inter-wiki transclusion (Felipe)
  • Non-editorial board member has applied to be Treasurer - how best to vet?
  • Article formats (suggestions for new formats or improving existing ones)
  • Dimensions and Altmetrics badges and readcube indexing X
  • Sarah and Kelee talk about potential for presenting at ACRL 2021- engaging with librarians X
  • Better ways to nominate next year’s Strategy Summit representative X
  • Anything to add to 2019 report? X
  • Priorities for 2020 X
  • Update from Strategy Liaison X

X indicates items not discussed


  • Technical editor role
    • Page created with list of possible tasks
    • Liaisons to check applications of possible technical editor(s) and help assign tasks
      • Mikael and Scott added as current liaisons in action items
      • To move ahead on vetting applicants
    • Be aware of discussion points raised at previous meeting (e.g. pay per task vs per hour)
    • Technical editor may need to be walked through task first couple of times before being able to independently perform assigned tasks
  • Treasurer
    • Needs vetting both for general project appropriateness as well as financial role experience - applicant applies in writing to the board who oversee the application and vet the applicant according to our criteria and select them
      • application submitted to the editorial boards
      • will require additional info re accountancy and financial skills
    • Current de facto treasurer is Mikael Haggstrom, currently in Sweden, moving to USA
    • Will need to set up USA bank account for journals user group
      • and have new non-profit registration in US to replace current Swedish registration
    • Society bank accounts typically have to have 2 or more co-signatories
    • The rules around moving money internationally are currently in flux so may need to be aware of changes
  • From Meeting notes in OJS:
    1. The aims of a Wikimedia front end for article drafting and publication:
      • Transparency and record-keeping
      • Micro-versioning and contributor records
      • Compatibility with Wikimedia ecosystem
    2. The aims of an OJS back-end:
      • Workflow simplification and automation of currently manual steps
      • Avoid reinventing wheel where possible
      • Reduce learning curve for editors
      • Reduce reliance on closed source tools (e.g. google forms)
  • General support for OJS as back end so long as front end is retained
    • Contact to OJS ask for quote for API development
    • Put together grant application
    • Support for better back end so long as it doesn’t duplicate work by making front-end harder
    • Should also store metadata on Wikidata to populate items like this
    • Backup option = structured forms on-wiki (
  • Cross-wiki Transclusion
    • Felipe has made an extension tool that can achieve this (discussion)
    • only for full pages or sections (can’t omit or edit specific sections or templates)
    • However this should be sufficient if we wish to transclude the whole or part of a wikipedia page submitted to a WikiJournal whilst it’s being peer reviewed
  • Article formats (Initial discussion over at WikiJHum talkpage)
    • Any suggested changes to current article formats?
    • WikiJMed has matured to be able to handle original research submissions, What are lessons for the other WikiJournals?
    • For articles to be integrated into Wikipedia, when to get Wikipedian feedback?
      • At the end of the first round of peer review?
    • For articles submitted from Wikipedia, can some systems be duplicated onto Wikipedia?
      • Currently:
        • Article copied over from WP, goes through peer review on wikiversity, then copied back over to WP
        • Accepted articles get note added at top of references in wikipedia linking to reviewed version & reviewer comments
        • For declined articles, we have added custom note to wikipedia article talkpage (example)
      • Proposed E.g. :
        • Links or cross-wiki transclusion to peer review comments on Wikipedia talkpages during peer review
        • More prominent indication that article is undergoing external peer review on Wikipedia article talkpage
        • Possibly enable option for all drafting to be done on Wikipedia
          • Transclude live Wikipedia version during peer review
          • Transclude/copy specific stable version upon acceptance and doi assignment
  • Have fully open meeting once/twice per year (e.g. Feb and July?)
    • Keep to summary/non-technical items
    • Invite all authors, readers, assoc editors, other Wikimedia affiliates etc
  • Planning for January meeting  (Kelee will organize)
    • Schedule 90 mins but still aim to keep to 60 mins?
    • Specify chair (stricter timekeeping) and secretaries (notes and minuting)?
    • Specify times per meeting item to better manage agenda?
    • Start up sub-committees to break off into different meetings
      • before/after/separate to main meeting
    • Brainstorm alternative ideas- post them here if you come up with a model
    • Best channels to organize through- slack, discord?, video, etc

Action items[edit]

  • Share these minutes to metawiki with any confidential info redacted (Thomas)
  • Organise next meeting (Kelee)
  • Technical editor recruitment (Mikael Haggstrom, Scott Thomson)
  • Investigate transfer of non-profit registration from Sweden to US (Mikael)
  • Re-contact OJS to confirm request for quote estimate (Thomas)
  • Confirm selection criteria for treasurer (Scott Thomson, )
  • WikiJournal of Medicine: Re-apply for Scopus; Apply for PubMed Central (Gwinyai)
  • Ensure Berlin strategy summit is top of next agenda (Thomas)