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Date: 29 Jan 5pm UTC (=12pm United States Eastern time)



  • 10 min: New Journal - Psychology, Psychiatry, Behavioural Sciences (vote history)
  • 10 min: Grant application (draft)
  • 5 min: Demo for how to add to tasks list for tech editors (link)
  • 30 min: 2021 plans, aims, ideas


  • New Journal - Psychology, Psychiatry, Behavioural Sciences (vote history)
    • Confirmation
    • Steps/timeline- Thomas will walk Eric/Robert through process
    • Abbrev? WJP, WikiJPsy, WikiJPPBS, WikiJ3Psi ...Shorter might be better
      • Incoming board to vote
    • What to use in the URL? Full name / abbreviation /other
      • Incoming board to vote
    • Timeline of spin-up
      • Technical pages can be created when above decided on
    • How to add editors - group in proposal
      • Initial board onboarded as batch subsequent apply in standard way
  • Wikipedia userpage editing side-note
    • Bob Findling’s experience of having a userpage deleted (discussion 1 & discussion 2)
    • Summary:
    • Learning points about what Wikipedians are concerned about:
      • Copyright violation (e.g. copypaste from faculty websites)
      • Autobiographies (if they think a userpage is trying to masquerade as an encyclopedia page)
      • Impersonation (if they think one person may pretend to be another)
      • Exposing contact details (academics very used to having our emails public, but most find this unusual)
    • Learning points about what could be done next time
      • Create a userpage at “metawiki” (example) which will be shown at all other usepages even if you’ve not edited that (e.g. german wikipedia)
      • For initial userpage, include a sentence or two about aims on-wiki written in the first-person (e.g. “I’ll mainly be working on topics in my area of expertise”)
      • Maybe we could fill out a template like Template:User_info
  • Technical editors
  • Grant application (draft)
    • Key dates:
      • Initial draft deadline: 1 February 2021
      • Feedback from WMF: 1 March 2021
      • Final deadline: 1 April 2021
      • Decision made: during April 2021
      • Funding if successful: June 2021
    • Assistance requested for developing sections:
      • ‘Annual plan’
      • ‘Strategic plan’
    • Suggestions welcomed for items to include in:
      • Budget items (subscriptions, services, activities, conferences?)
      • Staffing (techincal editors tasks, tool developer tasks. project manager? outreach officer? Other roles?)
        • WMF suggests first time grantees generally request maximum of one full time staff time: Can be split to multiple part-time roles, or shorter contracts.
  • Ideas for New Year
    • Submission possibilities for interested parties
      • Members of National Science Foundation (USA) interested in writing Wikipedia page on new department (National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics)
        • Can this be usefully submitted via a WikiJournal?
          • Consensus of yes
          • Useful to authors for CV line item and wiki expertise assistance from us to avoid WP mistakes
        • Value-add includes editorial boards experience in copyediting for tone, puffery, weasel words
        • Copy moved over to WP can have talkpage note declaring potential/perceived COIs (with additional benefit of being able to link to the peer review)
      • Mako Medical suggested rapid update research articles on covid strain detection
        • How to best organise versions
          • For fast-changing topic may be very rapid updates
          • Probably multiple version of same article best rather than multiple separate articles
          • Have a ‘last fully reviewed version’ and the ‘most recent live’ version
        • How to best organise peer review
          • Updated versions will be very similar, so hardest to review will be first one, and subsequent versions may be possible to approach same peer reviewers, or combination of repeat reviews and new reviewers?

Action Items[edit]

  • Share these minutes to metawiki with any confidential info redacted (Thomas)
  • Organise next meeting (Kelee)
  • Organize next public meeting in March/April  (Kelee)
  • Work on creating a communication strategy with Social Media Team (Kelee) reach out to Jack as part of this process
  • Social media communications plan