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Intro: what are Ksour?

The project



WikiKsour is a project that tends, using Wikimedia platforms and tools, to trigger Ksour safeguarding and development, through:

  • Providing general information to public, in order to raise awareness and promote tourism in the Ksour.
  • Providing technical information to professionals, in order to encourage scientific research about the Ksour and facilitate renovation/rehabilitation projects.

It consists in creating a digital compendium of Ksour, based on the use of Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons, and accessible via:


Enhancing of the compendium content will be through:

  • Edit-a-thons, mainly for students and professionals in the fields of architecture and heritage,
  • Photography tours,
  • Photography contests,
  • Workshops of graphic content creation (3Ds creation through photogrammetry, video and photo editing).

In this way, the project will promote the Ksour and contribute to their development through both its outcome and process.


WikiKsour started in March 2019. The following chart illustrates the evolution of content about Ksour before and after the project. (source: PetScan)