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WikiProject Arabic

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Events – 2017
٢٠١٧ – أحداث
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مشاريع شقيقة

In collaboration with:

Welcome to WikiProject Arabic. We are a group for international collaboration to promote the Arabic language on the Wikimedia projects. Our goals are:

  • to improve the number and quality of articles in the Arabic Wikipedia
  • to increase the coverage of Arabic topics on other language Wikipedias
  • to connect people with expertise from different Wikimedia projects to improve technical aspects of the Arabic Wikipedia, and
  • to explore ways to use open-source information for health and education in the Arabic speaking world.

Articles to be created - مقالات للبدء[edit]

List of Medieval Arabic women poets

Work lists - يمكنكم البدئ[edit]

If you want to work on developing the lists, there are more يمكنكم البدئ here هنا, article lists مع أحد مقالات القائمة, or add more topics to the list أو أضف المزيد من المقالات للقائمة.

Other areas of interest[edit]

مجالات الاهتمام



Please join us, and add your name:

  1. Avery Jensen (talk · contribs) (contact person)
  2. Mervat Salman (talk · contribs)
  3. محمد آدم (talk · contribs)
  4. Econterms (talk · contribs)
  5. Helmoony (talk · contribs)