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Welcome to the pages of WikiProject COVID-19 Graphics. The aim of this task force is to translate infographics related to the COVID-a9 pandemic.

Translating instructions[edit]

Become a translator[edit]

  • Add yourself in this project.
  • Register in TranslateWiki. TranslateWiki asks you to make a set of practice translations. Make around 10 of them. If you find that a translation is too difficult, you can skip and try a different one. After that you must wait until a bureaucrat accepts you. Once accepted, you are free to translate any project in TranslateWiki.


  • Translate as much as you wish. It is useful, if you finish all strings that belong to one image. As soon as you have completed

Graphics production[edit]

Help produce translated versions of the graphics. Different software is best for different projects.

  • Photoshop for animated gifs. It is possible to edit with Gimp, but Photoshop is better for a controlled workflow.
  • Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer or Inkscape for pdfs, for example.
  • Converting graphics to SVG will allow using onwiki tools for translation.
  • Source files are listed with each image set.


  • Help create editable and translatable graphics files from the original files.
  • Propose and create new translation projects
  • You might also have new ideas how to develop this project.
  • Join the Phabricator board!

The Spinoff COVID-19 guidelines[edit]

Translation guidelines[edit]

  • Translations are created in the TranslateWiki project COVID-19 Graphics.
  • If you have not used TranslateWiki before, check out some helpful advice.
  • Use uppercase letters with this set of images.
  • Feel free to join strings if you need to make a sensible sentence.
  • If you add a new language in TranslateWiki, please also add one row to the table below.

Graphics guidelines[edit]

  • Suggested software: Adobe Photoshop, Gimp
  • Font:
    • Original font not available
    • Replacement for Latin with many special characters: "Just another hand" from Google Fonts
    • Cyrillic: Amatic SC
    • Arabic: Myriad Arabic
    • Subscriber font by Alit Suarnegara for the gimp file
    • <Add more options and links>

Add translations

  • Locate a completed translation for an animated gif in the table below.
    • Photoshop: Open one of the template files: Latin, Cyrillic, Indic, Asian. You will need to create the version if it does not exist. If you find it difficult, choose another image or language.
    • Gimp: Editable GIMP source for transmission animation by Toby Morris
      • Download Subscriber font by Alit Suarnegara and install it, open the file with GIMP, translate/adjust the text layers, merge/anchor them into graphics layers (you have to copy text layers while doing it, because they need to be merged with more than one graphics layer), export the result from "File" -> "Export to" -> "GIF" making tick in the "Animated" box.
  • Read translations from TranslateWiki project COVID-19 Graphics.
  • Save the translated file
    • Photoshop: Save the .psd file in the Translated Photoshop filesfolder.
      • Append the name with dash (-) <language code>, for example with -es
    • Save the animated gif in the gifs folder. Create or locate a subfolder that matches the language code.
  • Update the status in the table from

Create new editable files

  • Source gifs
  • Save the file
    • Photoshop: Save the editable .psd file you created in the Templates folder
      • Do not change the original name of the file.
      • Add to the relevant subfolder: Latin / Cyrillic / Indic / Asian depending on which one you created


Single file upload

Use this Information template. You will need to locate the names of the translators in TranslateWiki. See further help.

|description={{en|1=Covid-19 instruction poster by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare translated into <language>.}}
|source=Based on <one of the example files on this page>
|author=* Original: {{Q|Q4354957}}
* Translation: <translators>
* Adapted by [[User:Ederporto]] <all the people involved in translating, adapting and producing>
|other versions=


[[Category:COVID-19 guidelines in <language>]]
[[Category:The Spinoff COVID-19 guidelines]]
[[Category:Toby Morris (cartoonist)]]
[[Category:Siouxsie Wiles]]

(Half-)Automated mass upload

The files are stored in this folder after being created and waiting to be uploaded. There exists a mass upload Pattypan project. It can upload all new files, when they have been created with a strict naming scheme. The new files' filenames need to be appended with lowercase "-<language code>". For example Covid-19-curves-graphic-social-v3.gif --> Covid-19-curves-graphic-social-v3-mk.gif and placed in a subfolder, whose name is the same as the language code, in this case folder "mk".

Status table[edit]

Translation complete

Pending upload

Green tick.svgImage uploaded

Needs revision

Translations 14 Hegasy COVID-19 Q EN.svg Covid-19-curves-graphic-social-v3.gif Covid-19-curves-graphic2-stopthespread-v3.gif Covid-19-Handshake-Alternatives-v3.gif Covid-19-Transmission-graphic-01.gif Covid-19-Breaking-bubbles-01.gif Covid-19-Breaking-bubbles-02.gif
Arabic (Q13955)
Basque (Q8752) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
Bengali (Q9610)
Simplified Chinese (Q13414913)
Traditional Chinese (Q18130932)
Croatian (Q6654)
Czech (Q9056)
Dutch Low Saxon (Q516137)
British English (Q7979) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
Esperanto (Q143) Green tick.svg
Estonian (Q9072) Green tick.svg
Finnish (Q1412) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
French (Q150) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
German (Q188)
Hebrew (Q9288)
Kirmanjki (Q6023868) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
Kurdish Latin Alphabet (Q13175483)
Lithuanian (Q9083)
Louisiana Creole (Q1185127) Green tick.svg
Luxembourgish (Q9051)
Macedonian (Q9296) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
Malay (Q9237) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
Mingrelian (Q13359)
Bokmål (Q25167)
Ossetian (Q33968)
Piedmontese (Q15085)
Polish (Q809)
Brazilian Portuguese (Q750553)
Russian (Q7737)
Inari Sami (Q33462) Green tick.svg
Northern Sami (Q33947) Green tick.svg
Skolt Sami (Q13271)
Somali (Q13275)
Sorani (Q36811)
Spanish (Q1321) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
Swedish (Q9027)
Thai (Q9217)
Turkish (Q256) Green tick.svg
Tuvan (Q34119) Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg Green tick.svg
Ukrainian (Q8798)
Welsh (Q9309) Green tick.svg
Urdu (Q1617) Green tick.svg
Veneto (Q32724)
Zazaki (Q10199)


COVID-19 Poster Challenge[edit]

This set of poster texts is based on a set of posters by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare. Rather than replicating the original posters, we are considering, arranging a Global Illustration Challenge for the texts.

  • Challenge Wikimedians, students and staff of Art-related Campuses, primary & secondary school-aged children, and/or Artists in lockdown, to create open–license posters using the texts that have already been translated in (roughly) 50 languages.
  • Create new texts, if needed (e.g. keep in contact with relatives and friends); or, modify existing text, if necessary (e.g. the recommended distance).

What do you think?? Express your interest by adding your signature to the last section of this page, and share your thoughts/opinions by commenting on the discussion page.

Translation guidelines[edit]

  • Feel free to join strings if you need to make a sensible sentence
  • If you add a new language in TranslateWiki, please also add one row to the table below

Graphics guidelines[edit]

  • Suggested software: Any
  • Source format: pdf
  • Output format: pdf
  • Font: Montserrat


No uploads of finished posters currently

Status table[edit]

Translation complete

Translation needs revision

Arabic (Q13955) R
Basque (Q8752) L
Bengali (Q9610) R
Simplified Chinese (Q13414913) A
Traditional Chinese (Q18130932) A
Croatian (Q6654) L
Czech (Q9056) L
Dutch Low Saxon (Q516137) L
British English (Q7979) L
Esperanto (Q143) L
Estonian (Q9072) L
Finnish (Q1412) L
French (Q150) L
German (Q188) L
Hebrew (Q9288) R
Kirmanjki (Q6023868) L
Kurdish Latin Alphabet (Q13175483) L
Lithuanian (Q9083) L
Louisiana Creole (Q1185127) L
Luxembourgish (Q9051) L
Macedonian (Q9296) C
Malay (Q9237) L
Mingrelian (Q13359)
Bokmål (Q25167) L
Ossetian (Q33968) C
Piedmontese (Q15085) L
Polish (Q809) L
Brazilian Portuguese (Q750553) L
Russian (Q7737) C
Inari Sami (Q33462) L
Northern Sami (Q33947) L
Skolt Sami (Q13271) L
Somali (Q13275) L
Sorani (Q36811) R
Spanish (Q1321) L
Swedish (Q9027) L
Thai (Q9217)
Turkish (Q256) L
Tuvan (Q34119) C
Ukrainian (Q8798) C
Welsh (Q9309) R
Urdu (Q1617)
Veneto (Q32724) L
Zazaki (Q10199) L


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Graphics creators[edit]

Interested to run a global poster challenge[edit]