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This page is a translated version of the page WikiProject ESD/Wikipedia and the translation is 48% complete.

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WikiProject ESD / Wikipedia

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The ESD Translation Project – aims to bring high quality, easy to understand information on topics related to Education for Sustainable Development into as many languages as we can. We aim to translate content where it is needed the most − and are currently working on (but not limited to) articles in: Biodiversity, Climate Change Education, Disaster Risk Reduction, Cultural Diversity, Poverty Reduction, Gender Equality, Health Promotion, Sustainable Lifestyles, Peace and Human Security, Water, Sustainable Urbanisation.

اسان ان ڳالهہ ۾ يقين رکون ٿا تہ پائدار ترقيءَ لاءِ سُڀاوي معلومات جي حاصلات ۾ ٻوليءَ جي روڪ رنڊڪ نہ هوڻ گھرجي.

شامل ٿيو

"هي ڪجھہ طريقا آهن، جن سان توهان مدد ڪري سگھو ٿا"

نياتي تنظيم
We need involved Wikipedians to engage the community on the different Wikipedias.
Assessing content
We need language knowledgeable Wikipedians (or not yet Wikipedians) who can indicate on our progress tables which articles should and should not be translated!
ترجمي هيٺ
We are always on the look-out for dedicated translators to work with our content, especially in smaller languages!
Translated articles need to be integrated into local Wikipedias. This process is done manually, and needs to take into account older articles.
سانچي جي تنصيبڪاري
For translations to be more useful templates and modules should be installed. We need people with the technical know-how who can help out!
Several of our processes are in need of simplification and many could occur automatically with bots.
Writing content for the translation project
Writing for translations may be slightly different from writing other articles on Wikipedia.
If you are interested in improving articles prior to translation simply create a Wikipedia account and start editing.

مدد ڇو ڪجي؟

We're working together with Wikipedia Zero to spread knowledge where it is needed the most!

وڪيپيڊيا، انٽرنيٽ تي ڄاڻ جو گھڻي ۾ گھڻو استعمال ٿيندڙ وسيلو آهي - منفرد زائرين جي لحاظ کان بہ تہ صفحاتي ڏيٺ جي لحاظ کان بہ. اهي سمورا فرد جيڪي دنيا کي اعلىٰ سڀاوَ جي ڄاڻ ميسر ڪرڻ چاهين ٿا، تن لاءِ وڪيپيڊيا هڪ موقعو آهي.

In the beginning the effort is primarily concentrating on 30 top importance articles of global significance in each of the 11 topic areas defined by UNESCO. In the month of X these pages in English received a total of Y page views. A more in depth breakdown can be found at popular pages of the project.

پيش رفت

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ابتدائي سال 2014
مضمون جو مقصد # 330
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