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  • Title of the event: Wikimania 2021
  • Date: Aug 13, 2021 – Aug 17, 2021
  • Organizers: Wikimania Core Organizing Team (COT), Wikimedia Foundation

Format of the event[edit]

Main format
Main goal
Main target audience
Total number of participants
Number of organizers
Language(s) spoken during the event
Tools used
  • was the basic platform for the conference, which was supported by consultant Georgie-Ann Getton and GSD Solutions.
  • The video of sessions were also live streamed to Youtube using a variety of accounts, such as Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia Weekly.
  • Details about translation system needed here.
Methods used


Lessons learned[edit]


  • Multilingual live language interpretation - this was the most ambitious event to use live interpretation into TK languages. This built on some of the smaller experiments from Strategy Zoom calls from the last few years.
  • The software platform was a mixed success, in that it allowed for people to see where other attendees were in a virtual conference view, with tables and rooms.


Possible improvements[edit]

  • wikimania:2021:Present and future - in short:
    • ability to join, see, participate in the conference without using proprietary software
      → compared to 2022: not improved (the requirements was "Google Chrome"; the official Pheedloop application is also proprietary; Pheedloop's website based on proprietary JavaScript)
    • GDPR compliance (core problem this year: tool with Google Analytics)
      → compared to 2022: not improved
    • do not require real name and surname and email to just register in the conference
      → compared to 2022: somehow improved (in 2022 the information was marked as mandatory, so the majority of the participants filled it, but the team explained in one talk page and in time that this info was not really mandatory)
    • do not ask sexual orientation in the same survey asking for real name, surname and email
      → compared to 2022: somehow improved (the info was not related to name and surname, but only to email)
    • watch talk pages (at least the main one about registration)
      → compared to 2022: improved (some participants got the answer before the event started)
    • do not announce final decisions, otherwise few people can contribute
      → compared to 2022: improved (in 2022, COT meetings have a summary on a wiki)


Other comments[edit]


  • Link to videos, slides, etc.
  • Notes of the event
  • Link to the structure/schedule

Questions & discussions[edit]

If you want to talk to the the organizers, ask further questions, feel free to use the talk page.