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Format of the event[edit]

Main format

Meet up, Online training, live editing, hackathon.

2 Hours
Main goal

Activate malayalam wikipedia editors Get newcomers onboard with Wikidata Enhance the technical knowledge and skills of wikimedia users

Main target audience

Malayalam speaking Wikipedians

Total number of participants
Expected 6 members.
Number of organizers


Language(s) spoken during the event
Malayalam & English
Tools used

Digital tools used to run the remote events."We use Jitsi for the video calls and Etherpad to take notes".

Methods used

Whatsapp group Telegram group

Lessons learned[edit]



Possible improvements[edit]


Other comments[edit]


  • Link to videos, slides, etc.

Questions & discussions[edit]

If you want to talk to the the organizers, ask further questions, feel free to use the talk page.