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On this page, participants of the WikiProject remote event participation are gathering information about the tool WorkAdventure after testing it, to see if it could be use for future remote events. Feel free to improve the page or to contact people mentioned below if you're interested in the tool.

Vue d’ensemble

Résumé de l'outil et de ses caractéristiques :

WorkAdventure is a virtual space that allows the user to explore a virtual space, built on a map made of 32*32-pixel tiles. It allows for example to simulate an office, a conference room or any space, with a strong "retro gaming" vibe due to the pixel tiles and avatars. The users can move through this space, and automatically create conversations when they get close enough to each other. These discussions include audio and video (through the RTL protocol) and a text chat, and can include up to 4 people in the group.

L'outil offre également la possibilité d'ouvrir une page web intégrée lorsque l'utilisateur se trouve dans une partie spécifique de la carte, ce qui est par exemple utilisé pour intégrer un appel Jitsi et permettre à plus de 4 utilisateurs de participer à la discussion. Il permet de passer d'une carte à une autre.

WorkAdventure allows people to create their own maps (using for example the software Tiled), then after hosting the map and the starter kit on Github, the map can be used for free by up to 25 participants. (see documentation)


N'hésitez pas à améliorer cette section en fonction de vos propres expériences avec les outils. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur l'outil ou contacter les personnes qui l'ont testé, veuillez consulter la section "nos expériences" ci-dessous.

Aspects positifs

  • excellent outil de discussion spatialisé qui donne l'impression d'être dans une pièce avec d'autres personnes
  • nice and unique atmosphere with the pixel/retrogaming vibe
  • possibility to embed a web page at some specific parts of the map
  • almost open source (still unclarities regarding the main software, what is executed on the client side, and the tiles that are used)
  • organizers can create their own maps adapted to their needs
  • options tarifaires pour plus de fonctionnalités et une assistance active
  • un contact relativement facile avec les développeurs
  • options d'authentification et de modération pour la carte des événements (cf. tarification)
  • Très peu de données personnelles sont stockées : le contenu des appels vidéo n'est pas hébergé/stocké.

Aspects négatifs ou choses qui pourraient être améliorés

  • unclarities about the license of the software and the tiles
  • l'outil ne fonctionne pas (encore) sur les appareils mobiles
  • privacy issue: starting a video call with a participant doesn't require an extra consent step, therefore if someone accidentally let a browser tab with the map open, anyone joining could see/listen to what is happening in their room
  • building a map requires skills (use Tiled, create your own tiles if needed) and especially a lot of time to create a decent map
  • les discussions vidéo ne comptent que 4 participants au maximum

Possibilités des outils et idées des cas d'utilisation

  • événements sociaux
  • "hallway track", allow spontaneous discussions and gatherings during an event
  • Appel Jitsi pour les discussions avec plus de 4 personnes
  • grâce à la possibilité d'ouvrir des pages web externes : possibilité de créer une session de posters, des stands de sponsors, une salle de karaoké, un helpdesk...
  • possibility to recreate an office or an event space (this was the original idea for WorkAdventure)

Notre expérience de l'outil

Tests effectués par la communauté Wikimédia

Personnes impliquées Contexte Date Nombre de participants Résultat principal
Lea Lacroix (WMDE), ... rC3, the remote version of the Chaos Communication Congress. The CCC organization team used and adapted WorkAdventure for the virtual gathering, exhibition and "booths" part of the event. Important note: due to the huge number of participants, the CCC performed some hacks on the existing software to allow more possibilities, such as "parallel worlds". Du 27 au 30 décembre 2020 We tested the tool as "regular participants". It seems to work quite well. The assemblies were able to design their own space (lot of time needed to create and assemble the pixel art tiles). Some extra features added by CCC, such as badges, were pretty nice.
Lea Lacroix (WMDE) + a few people from the software development team at Wikimedia Germany Internal test during a prototyping/creative session. We used the free version of the tool to try to reproduce one floor of Wikimedia Germany's office, to see if we could use it further for social events whithin Wikimedia Germany. 28-29 janvier 2021 5 We managed to make it work, although the official documentation is missing some information (eg how to name specific layers to be recognized by WA). It took us quite some time to build a decent map (4 people working on it during one day). We were able to create rooms for different purposes, and to envision different uses for the tools. Due to remaining unclarities about the privacy statement and the license of tiles, the experience has not been continued.

Contacts initiés

Veillez à respecter la vie privée des personnes et à ne pas inclure de coordonnées privées ou d'autres informations dans cette section.

  • February 22, 2021 - Valerio Bozzolan + Lea Lacroix (WMDE): meeting with the lead developer to discuss about:
    • releasing the frontend under a fully free license (Valerio) [1] (spoiler: short term plan)
    • improve mobile support (Lea) [2] (spoiler: short term plan)
    • add w:OAuth support (Lea) (spoiler: after mobile support)
    • improve documentation for map creators (Lea)
    • releasing the "on-promise" solution under a fully free license (Valerio) [3] (spoiler: long term plan)
      • about a fully-free AGPL server, they expressed the desire to learn how to run a w:FLOSS business
    • drop Google Analytic and adopt Matomo (Valerio)
    • fix in-apps games (keybinding conflicts) (Lea)
    • GDPR compliance (Lea) (spoiler: they would appreciate any help)
      • remove the part about sharing data with business partners (Lea) (spoiler: they will do)
      • suggested to try a partnership with Wikimedia Italia to eventually share their GDPR manager to boost this step (Valerio) (spoiler: they seemed very, very interested asd)
    • have only w:free content source tiles in the maps and the starter kit (Lea) (spoiler: they will update the starter kit)
  • March 19, 2021 - Valerio Bozzolan requested a price quotation to liberate the frontend
  • May 2021: WorkAdventure was used at the remote Wikimedia Hackathon, more info here, documentation TBD

Interested users [ sign ]

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Plus d’informations

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