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This is a proposal for a new WMF sister project.
Status of the proposal
Statusunder discussion
Details of the proposal
Project descriptiongather geographical information related to sailing: regional guides, marina description and anchorage places
Is it a multilingual wiki?one multilingual wiki
Potential number of languagesstructured information: in every language the wiki exists (e.g. translate templates in different languages) - real content is not language based (e.g. numbers or selection on fixed value list), or in two languages: english and the local language
New features to requirepossibly a interactive, slippy map?
Interested participants
--Nounours77 (talk) 19:49, 1 March 2015 (UTC)


For Sailing, there is a big need for accurate and current information about the places you visit. It's like a travel guide (so include this in wikivoyage is an option), but very specific. Specific information, rather clear structure of data, .... Currently, there is no comprehensive collection of this data, and the exisiting platforms (open or closed source) all suffer from being under-critical.


What should be put into WikiSailing?

  • Information about Sailing Area (According to Geographic Hierarchy), down to the smallest sea region OR lake OR river. (cross-ref to WikiVoyage)
  • Information about Marinas (Cross-ref to corresponding objects in OpenStreetMap)
  • Information about Anchorage Places / Natural Harbours
  • Information about Places of Interest for Sailors
  • Information about dangerous places
  • Locks, ...


To give an idea about the numbers, we guess these numbers could be reached

  • Sailing Areas: Dependig on choosen structure, about 10'000
  • Marinas: 40'000
  • Anchorage Places of Interest / Natural Harbours: 100 - 300'000 ?

Existing Sites / data collections / Smartphone apps[edit]

Name URL type content statistics language Licence Comment
Skipperguide Website 2000 Articles (several Marinas per article, 800 Marinas with geolocations?), covering mainly North Sea and Mediterrenian German "Free Documentation License" Is cross-referencend from OpenSeaMap
World Port Index Website English
Marina Guide Website, iPhone & Android ? Marinas mainly North- and Baltic Sea German closed good coverage in Germany
Portmaps Website 3000 Marinas Worldwide Several closed Cross-refed with OpenStreetMap
ESYS Website & paied Download ? German closed Good coverage of Sailing Area descriptions in Europe
Yachtweb Portwiki Website 750 domestic port in Germany German & English closed Example
Navily Website and iPhone App worldwide English, French, Italien closed Very modern UI with lower barrier for User contribution
Skipperguide CH / FR iPhone & Android about 100 Marinas in CH and 200 in France German/French closed Very good data
Marina Guide UK iPhone App 170 Marinas in UK English extension to other geographical regions planned
Marina Map Website (optimized for mobile devices), Android App 2,000 marinas worldwide English, French, German
please add more Example Example Example


A. Marina at the sea[edit]

Field Content data-type Comment
Coordinates formatted numbers
opening hours
Guest berths
Max Draught
Facilities Definded value list
Pontoon power supply
Pontoon water supply
Hoist 10 Max weight in tons

B. Anchorage place at the sea[edit]

C. Marina at a lake[edit]

D. Marina on a river[edit]