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Wiki Video Media[edit]

This page aims to organizes various discussions on the future of audio video media in wikipedia and its sister projects.

Major Issues[edit]

  • Technically: video if widely used will add an order of magnitude to bandwidth and storage needs.
  • Legally: video fair use is a bit more complex than text and images, also securing free open content versions of things can be challenging. We may have to push on fair use a bit more than in other mediums (audio/images)?
  • Technically: theora video has very limited client support the java player is a good start but there will still be a long way to go towards making it as friendly as "flash video".

Road Map[edit]

A rough road map for the future of video as it relates to wiki projects.

August 2006[edit]

  • get basic Embed Video code integrated with the mediaWiki codebase.
  • External Video Hosting/importing:
    • contact with, and push for
      • copyright tags
      • ogg theora video conversion
      • annodex installation for dynamic time range requests.
  • metavid as a source for external audio/video + meta data

September 2006[edit]

  • improve mediaWiki support for user contributed video
    • better upload interface
    • technical infrastructure questions?
  • External video segment reference:
    • build/test metavid mediaWiki extension ( dynamic segment and sequence embedding) target audience: “congresspedia”. This will let us test wiki video integration in the wild on a smaller scale with relatively restricted content source (house and legislative proceedings).

the future[edit]

  • build a collaborative video annotation, sequencing and Meta data “templating” system, either as an extension to mediaWiki or as a separate entity ie develop metavid standalone rather than integrate it)
    • Video sequencing would be a ajax drag and drop sequencer where the source is a list of urls.
  • video templates are similar to what we have in metavid as overlays they let you write simple scripts on real-time metadata from audio/video streams, for example taking the given speaker and getting campaign finance info about them.
  • In the mediawiki context video annotated with wiki url namespace video would list relevant articles, info boxes, images, system queries being pulled up in real-time as the video metadata interacted with the given template/lenses you were viewing the video with.

Video playing[edit]

Getting inline video working in mediaWiki software: see Embed_Media Mdale’s summer of code project.

General ogg thora playback support is pretty well supported see: Playing_Theora_videos

Video conversion[edit]