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WikiWomen's Collaborative/Blogs/Coordinators

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WikiWomen's Collaborative blog coordinators are volunteers who help recruit writers for the WikiWomen's blog. Blog coordinators engage and encourage community members around the world to share their stories, lessons and tips about Wikimedia projects with the world.

What does the Blog Coordinator do?[edit]

Blog coordinators:

  1. Have your wiki-fingers on the pulse of the community, which allows you to reach out to people who have something interesting to say and ask them to write for the WikiWomen blog.
  2. Help to copyedit blog posts as needed and ensure they're ready for publication, in coordination with the Wikimedia Foundation Communications team
  3. Maintain the calendar to ensure that at least 1-2 new posts are published each week

Volunteer benefits[edit]

Blog coordinators with sustained participation in their role may be eligible for volunteer benefits such as:

  • Linked In recommendations
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Community service hours
  • Wikimedia swag
  • Volunteer party at Wikimania

Sign up![edit]

Want to be a WikiWomen's Collaborative blog coordinator? Add your contact information below. All information is optional, but the more information the easier it is for bloggers & Collab members to contact you. Don't forget to add this page to your watchlist. Thank you for volunteering!

Username Email Languages Interests
SarahStierch sstierch(_AT_)wikimedia.org English Women's history, GLAMs, events
Sylvia Ventura slventura@gmail.com English, French, Portuguese Women's history, mobile, social entrepreneurship
Krutikaa krutikaa05(_AT_)gmail.com English Women's history, events, women issues
Netha Hussain nethahussain(_AT_)gmail.com English, Malayalam Events
Lakshmi Subbu laxmisubramaniyan(_AT_)gmail.com English, Tamil Indian History, Tourism, Travel, Computers
domesticenginerd domesticenginerd(_AT_)gmail.com English Women's history, events, tech, trends/stats, copyediting
Ankita Shukla ankitashukla707@gmail.com English, Hindi Tech, Women in tech, Events, women issues, social entrepreneurship

How to[edit]

The WikiWomen's Collaborative blog needs at least two blog posts per week on it. Always look for bloggers, the more the merrier.

1. Find people to write posts for the WikiWomen Blog hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. All you have to do is ask! Good ways of finding people to write for the blog include:

  • Monitoring social media for Wikimedians and movement supporters who have interesting ideas and insight
  • Contacting event coordinators of edit-a-thons and conferences, asking them, or someone who attended, to write about their experience and WikiWomen's engagement at the event.
  • Know a Wikipedian who is good at explaining how-to do tasks easily on Wikipedia? Ask them to write a simple how-to about a task such as adding references or uploading a photo.
  • Seek out a blogger you might know to write about the importance of women contributing to Wikipedia, or to do interviews with WikiWomen to share their stories.

Once you discover someone, simply ask: "Want to write a blog post for the WikiWomen's blog about it? Thousands will read it via the Wikimedia Foundation blog...!"

2. When they agree to write the post, send them to the blogging how to, which will give them directions on how to draft & submit their article.

3. They should contact you when they are ready for their post to be reviewed. Generally, Matthew Roth, who runs the WMF blog, will work with you as needed to edit it. Feel free to make grammar and spelling edits. You should discuss major edits with the blogger on their talk page or through email, but feel encouraged to suggest important additions/edits if you feel they would improve the post.

4. Once the post has been schedule and is good to go, Matthew will publish it on the blog!

5. Keep looking for new bloggers!