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WikiWomen's Collaborative/Translators

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WikiWomen's Collaborative translators are a key component in making the Collab an international, multilingual environment.

What does a translator do?[edit]


  • Work with bloggers and Facebook admins to translate posts as necessary.
  • Help to translate WikiWomen's Collaborative pages on meta.

Volunteer benefits[edit]

Translators with sustained participation in their role may be eligible for volunteer benefits such as:

  • Linked In recommendations
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Community service hours
  • Wikimedia swag
  • Volunteer party at Wikimania

Sign up![edit]

Want to be a WikiWomen's Collaborative translator? Add your contact information below. All information is optional, but the more information the easier it is for Collab volunteers to contact you. Don't forget to add this page to your watchlist. Thank you for volunteering!

How to[edit]

When new blogs or Facebook posts are ready to be translated, blog coordinators and Facebook admins will either email you or leave a comment on your talk page asking for a translation. Please translate in a timely fashion, or let them know if you are unable to help out.|}

Username Email Languages
Anouk Costa fcostanouk(_AT_)gmail.com Portuguese-> French, Frenh-> Portuguese
Sucheta Ghoshal sucheta.ghoshal@gmail.com Bengali
Netha Hussain nethahussain(_AT_)gmail.com Malayalam
Raystorm raystorm82(_AT_)gmail.com Spanish
Karen Coyle kcoyle(_AT_)kcoyle.net English, Italian
Carliita Lovelygirl.cl46(_AT_)gmail.com English, Spanish
Srijana Timsina timsinasiru(_AT_)gmail.com Nepali
User:Nancy Gertrudiz nancy.gertrudiz(_AT_)gmail.com Spanish, French, English
Silva Selva bibliodigital.uv(_AT_)googlemail.com German, English-> Spanish
CALEIDOSCOPIC olga.lidi(_AT_)gmail.com French, English-> Spanish
Gloria sah nuovogloriasah019(_AT_)gmail.com English, French -> Italian
Cecilia Torlai ceciliatorlai@gmail.com English; French -> Italian
maine12329 maine12329(_AT_)gmail.com English, Chinese
Jessicklea jessick@bgsu.edu English, French
Sanja pavlovic sanja.pavlovic@vikimedija.org English, Serbian
QuizzicalBee the2thinkers@yahoo.com French -> English, Japanese -> English
Brena Monteiro monteirobrena@gmail.com English, Portuguese
Lakshmi Subbu laxmisubramaniyan@gmail.com Tamil
shaahneha shaahneha@gmail.com English, Marathi , Hindi
Natashaninaromanova natmcardle@hotmail.com English, Russian
Ankita Shukla ankitashukla707@gmail.com English, Hindi
Meriem Mach meriem_mach@yahoo.fr English, French, Arabic
Diana K. Cury dianakac(_AT_)gmail.com Brazilian portuguese
Sumita Roy Dutta sumitaroydutta@gmail.com Bengali
User:Museu33389 julianamonteiro47@gmail.com Brazilian portuguese
Deniz Kulakoglu dkulakoglu@windowslive.com Turkish, English, French, Spanish

peacetilo92@gmail.com ||