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If you are a female contributor living in this country, your perspective is wanted
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Group of people standing outside wearing winter clothing
Wikipedians from Russia near Library of Ushinskiy during celebrations of 10th annoversary of Wikipedia. / Групповое фото википедистов у библиотеки им. Ушинского в ходе празднования десятилетней годовщины Википедии.
Differences in accounts on Russian wiki projects where users explicitly state their gender.

Russia official language is Russian with 27 others co-official languages in various regions. Russia's 160 ethnic groups speak some 100 languages. Despite its wide dispersal, the Russian language is homogeneous throughout Russia.

  • In January 2012 Russian language Wikipedia is rank 5th out of 280 languages Wikipedia. There are 650 very active users(more than 100 edits per month) and 411 active users (five edits per month) in Russian Wikipedia in December 2011.[1]. It is unknown how many female identified as contributors.

In December 2011, there were 1,240 women of all ages from Russia who were interested in Wikipedia.[2] In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikipedia was ranked the 9th most popular site in the country.[3] In the period between November 2010 and October 2011, 30.2% of the traffic to Udmurt Wikipedia was from this country.[4] In the period between November 2010 and October 2011, 22.6% of the traffic to Komi Wikipedia was from this country.[5] In the period between November 2010 and October 2011, 68.7% of the traffic to Russian Wikipedia was from this country.[6] In the period between November 2010 and October 2011, 3.5% of all Wikipedia traffic was from this country. 88% of it went to Russian Wikipedia, 8.6% to English Wikipedia.[7]

Female contribution in the wikimedia project

There is at least one male bureaucrat from Russia on MediaWiki.Org. There does not appear to be a Russian female who holds a similar position.[8] There is high profile Russian woman on incubator, Tamara Ustinova. There is another Russian woman on incubator who has made 105 edits, a third who has made 8 edits and fourth who has made 3 edits. There is one woman active on the language incubator who uses Komi-Permyak language, which is spoken in Perm Krai , Russia. She has made 1 edit. In comparison, there are 41 men who use Russian as their native language on incubator. Women attended Wikipedia 10th Birthday celebrations in the country.

Russian women perspective to free knowledge
  • Unknown
Women in Russia
  • In the post-Soviet era, the position of women in Russian society remains at least as problematic as it was in previous decades. In both cases, a number of nominal legal protections for women either have failed to address the existing conditions or have failed to supply adequate support. In the 1990s, increasing economic pressures and shrinking government programs left women with little choice but to seek employment, although most available positions were as substandard as in the Soviet period, and generally jobs of any sort were more difficult to obtain. Such conditions contribute heavily to Russia's declining birthrate and the general deterioration of the family. At the same time, feminist groups and social organizations have begun advancing the cause of women's rights in what remains a strongly traditional society.
The Foundation

During the December 2011 fundraising appeal, no Russians, men or women, were featured are part of the appeal. During the 2011 Summer of Research, the WMF hired eight research fellows. Of these, only one was female, and she was from the United States. There were four males from American universities, The other researchers included men from a Japanese university, a Swiss university and a Canadian university. There were no research fellows, male or female, from this country.