WikiWomenCamp 2020

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WikiWomenCamp 2020
02 October 2020 - 04 October 2020

Event details
WikiWomenCamp 2020
WikiWomenCamp 2020
WikiWomenCamp 2020
WikiWomenCamp 2020
WikiWomenCamp 2020
WikiWomenCamp 2020
WikiWomenCamp 2020
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WikiWomenCamp 2020
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WikiWomenCamp 2020
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WikiWomenCamp 2020
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WikiWomenCamp 2020 will be bringing together women from different countries of the Wikimedia movement, leaders of their respective communities and with strong experience and proven engagement with the gendergap topic. (#wikiwomencamp)

Goals of the camp[edit]

We intend to provide an enriching experience and quality information, ideas and collaboration for participants to explore in the future. We are trying to bring women from diverse backgrounds to join the three day program encompassing keynotes, presentations, panels, workshops and discussion groups, focused on the role and future of women in the movement along with a primary focus to bridge the online gender gap. We hope to have a broad representation from around the world, with many experiences to be shared. As the mentorship really had a positive impact on Indian Women Wikimedians post “Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing” and “Women Train the Trainer” program, we wish to facilitate connections and mentorship opportunities for collaboration between the movement leaders with similar or complementary programs across the globe. This is expected to create a strong network of women across the globe and will also help in designing more impactful, mutually beneficial and multifaceted activities  or programs.

From the survey results, we could clearly see the expectations of the community as there was a clear majority of preference to subjects like Gender gap in editor representation, leadership and online content. Along with this the other preferred areas of interest were editor (women) recruitment and retention, actions to combat harassment and creating support groups. We will also offer Advance Wiki training like evaluation of a program outcome, survey analysis, tools, etc.

The survey is indicative of the common issues that women face as Wikimedians across the globe, it necessitates the change in action plan. The statistics of the survey support planning and designing the future activities as per the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy Process.

We wish to create a group of like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and expertise, of people within the Wikimedia movement and other aligned organizations, who can learn from each other and not limiting the event to discussions merely on experiences, achievements and issues, but also to brainstorm for future by focusing on how we can expand the scope by designing new activities and action plan to reduce the gender gap (offline and online).

Important dates[edit]

  • Releasing pre-event survey form- 16 September 2019
  • Closing the pre-event survey form- 30 September 2019
  • Releasing the Community Engagement Survey 2- 28 January 2020
  • Closing the the Community Engagement Survey 2- 10 February 2020

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