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Pre-event survey Summary[edit]

61 women participated in the pre-event survey out of which 24.6% had previously attended a women camp and 75.4% had never attended a women camp.

WWC Pre-event Survey Stats

Participating Groups or affiliates[edit]

As most of the participants were a member of a group, an affiliate or organization, we had representation from- Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group, CIS-A2K, GLAM Macedonia User Group, Hindi Wikimedians User Group, Igbo Wikimedians User Group, Karavali Wikimedians, Les sans pagEs, Marathi Wikimedians, Odia Wikimedians User Group, Open Foundation West Africa, Punjabi Wikimedians, West Bengal Wikimedians, Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Armenia, Wikimedia Bangladesh, Wikimedia CH, WikiClassics User Group, Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda, WikiConference North America, Wikimedia District of Columbia, WikiDonne, Wikimédia France, Wikimedia Ghana User Group, Wikimedia Italia, Wikiesfera, Wikimedia LGBT+, Wikimujeres, Wikimedians of the Levant, Wikimedia Sverige, Whose Knowledge?, and WikiWomen's User Group.

Time Preference[edit]

47.5% of the participants chose November 2020 and 45.9% of the participants opted for October 2020.

Preferred Committee[edit]

As per the preferences of the participants listed in Pre-event survey, the following details have been prepared-

WWC Pre-event Survey Stats

Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)[edit]
Username Affiliate Committee
User:Seeeko Whose Knowledge? Brainstorming
User:Sumita Roy Dutta Bangla Wikipedia Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)
User:आर्या जोशी Marathi Wiki Community Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)
User:safi-iren Wikimedia Armenia Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)
User:Chinmayee Mishra Odia wikimedian user group Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)
User:Armineaghayan Wikimedia Armenia Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)
User:Arpitha05 Karavali Wikimedian Users Group Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)
User:Abinaya Murthy Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)
User:Islahaddow WikiAfrica / Wiki In Africa (not affiliated yet) Documentation (photos, videos, podcassts)
Username Affiliate Committee
User:Juneakhwale Member Finance
Medini Centre for Internet and Society Finance
User:Manavpreet Kaur Punjabi Wikimedians Finance
Username Affiliate Committee
User:Bhuvana Meenakshi Centre for Internet and Society Hackathon
User:காந்திமதி Tamil wiki Hackathon
User:Tiputini Wikimujeres User Group Hackathon
User:gracetandeamara Hackathon
Media and Publicity[edit]
Username Affiliate Committee
User:Blossom Ozurumba Igbo Wikimedians User Group Media and Publicity
User:Dolon Prova Bengali Wikipedia Media and Publicity
User:Japleenpasricha Media and Publicity
User:Durga bhat bollurodi Media and Publicity
User:Aliva Sahoo Odia Wikipedia Media and Publicity
User:DZierten (WMF) WMF staff Media and Publicity
User:ParulThakur Media and Publicity
User:Kavitha G. Kana Karavali Wikimedians User Group Media and Publicity
User:Nuray95 Media and Publicity
User:Kawayashu Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group Media and Publicity
User:Tamara Karvajar Media and Publicity
User:A.Aida88 Azerbaijan Wikimedia User group Media and Publicity
User:Ella Media and Publicity
User:mwintirew Media and Publicity
User:Lisettejoe Volunteer Media and Publicity
User:Aditi1601 Hindiwikipedia Media and Publicity
Username Affiliate Committee
User:KellyDoyle Wikimedia District of Columbia Partnership
Program and Submissions[edit]
Username Affiliate Committee
User:Camelia.boban WikiDonne User Group, WikiClassics User Group, Affiliations Committee, WMIT, WMSE, WMAR, WMCH member Program and Submissions
User:TMagen Wiki Women initiative Program and Submissions
User:Rosiestep WMDC, WWUG, WCNAUG, AffCom Program and Submissions
Mjohnson (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation Program and Submissions
User:Sandiooses Wikimedia Ghana User Group Program and Submissions
User:WikiLester Hebrew Wikipedia, Wikimedia LGBT+ Program and Submissions
User:Mervat Wikimedians of Levant, Wikimedians for Sustainable Development Program and Submissions
User:Opsylac Wikimedia France Program and Submissions
User:Nattes à chat Les sans pagEs user group, wikimedia LGBT+, Wikimedia France Program and Submissions
Presentation Assistance[edit]
Username Affiliate Committee
User:Dhanalakshmi .K. T Karavali Wikimedians Presentations to share experiences
Username Affiliate Committee
Medini Center for Internet and Society Reporting
User:vinoda mamatharai Karavali Wikimedians User Group Reporting
User:Sushma_sharma Hindi WIkimedians User Group Reporting
Username Affiliate Committee
User:Afifa Afrin Wikimedia Bangladesh Scholarship
User:May Hachem93 HerStory Scholarship
User:Jaluj WMA Scholarship
User:Jagvir Kaur Punjabi Wikimedians Scholarship
User:Joy Agyepong Open Foundation West Africa Scholarship
User:Violetova GLAM Macedonia Scholarship
User:कल्याणी कोतकर Marathi Community Scholarship
User:MassiveEartha Scholarship
User:திவ்யகுணசேகரன் Scholarship
Support and Safety[edit]
Username Affiliate Committee
SPoore (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation Support & Safety
User:AKibombo Wikimedia Community User Group -Uganda Response Team
User:FaithMwanyolo Response Team
User:MNavya Response Team