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A wiki for creating 3d virtual worlds, like a wikimedia commons of virtual worlds. It will contain a repository of 3d models (low poly and high poly), textures, sounds, motion capture data, etc... of real objects (like 3d models of real cars) or fantasy objects (like fantasy swords, fantasy characters).

It will contain also real historical reconstructions for real ambientations (like 3d reconstruction of ancient Rome) created collaboratively and historical documents (scans, photos...) to help the reconstruction. These documents will be linked from wikimedia commons when this makes sense.

It will accept also articles on virtual worlds, articles about 3d modelling and art, links, etc... Every fantasy world will have his project page for coordination between members.

It will contain also description of free fantasy worlds where videogames, computer graphic films, books can set their ambientation. And game rules for computer role playing games.

Similar in the scope with worldforge ( but based on the wiki technology.

Every media file will have his wiki page, with his descritpion, links to related files (for example skins if it is a model), comments from other users.

Why a wiki[edit]

Wiki is more flexible than a database. There can be a lot of relations between articles and media files that can't be foreseen. And the management of the wiki will be done by users so it's more scalable. MediaWiki has a lot of features to manage media files (wikimedia commons is an example).

At this time there is not a single place to upload all this kind of media, often artists publish free media on their personal sites, without a categorization system. We can collect all this material in a single place and categorize it.

WikiMedia has features to categorize, to comment pages and media files, to create and coordinate groups of people that works in a subproject and to search content built-in.


Media files (3d objects, textures, ...) will use wiki categories in a similar way to wikimedia commons.

  • Every world will have his category, that is a subcategory of worlds
  • Every author of media files will have his category, that is a subcategory of authors
  • Every external source of media files will have his category


It can be used to generate illustrations for the wikipedia (ex: different 3d models can be taken and rendered in a single image that illustrates a roman legion). It can be a resource for free game developers. It can be a resource for film makers. It can be used by wikipedia on articles like wikisource or wikiquotes, for example wikipedians can put at the end of an article a link WikiWorlds has a 3d reconstruction of <this>


Only free formats. Like for example COLLADA for 3d models and png for textures. Maybe blender format too if there is a loss of information when transcoding from the blender file to the collada file.


Only free licenses accepted (like wikimedia commons).

Similar Projects[edit]