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Wikimedia Conference 2018/Wikisource Community User Group

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Report for the Wikisource Community User Group at the Wikimedia Conference 2018 in Berlin, Germany, written by Nicolas Vigneron.

For the context, Wikimedia Conference is an annual meeting of representatives of Wikimedia representatives. It took place in Berlin from 20 to 22 April, 2018 and gathered almost 300 persons.

For the Wikisource Community User Group, VIGNERON and Balajijagadesh attended the conference. VIGNERON attended both the Pre-Conference (Learning Days) and the Core Conference. Balajijagadesh attended the Core Conference. Selection of these two representatives was made in December on the wikisource-l(_AT_)lists.wikimedia.org mailing list.


Poster and Lightning Talk[edit]


During the Learning Days (April 18), VIGNERON presented a poster and a 5 minutes lightning talk about Wikisource entitled The Invisible Part of the Iceberg. Wikisources are still largely unknown to most wikimedians, the idea was that everyone attending the Wiki Conference got at least some basic knowledge on what is Wikisource, what is already done, what could be done, and so on.

Youtube Video of the talk (thanks to Andrew Lih).


Wikisourcer group photo at the Wikisource Meetup, Wikimedia Conference 2018.

13 Wikisourcers or wikisource-friends gathered for a meetup to exchange. Some general (technical limitations, export for readers, etc.) and some language-specific problems (OCR inexistent or inefficient) were raised, points on what needs to be done.

More informations on Wikisource Meetup


A lot of others Wikisource related talks, here are some important ones :

Talks about bibliographical data during the Wikidata meetup.

Talks during the Asia Meetup about Punjabi Wikisource and Tamil Wikisource.

Connections and exchanges[edit]

Discussions with Abbad Diraneyya and Afek Ben Chahed about Wikisource in Arabic. Crash-course demonstration of the interface, how to upload and proofread a new book. Separate discussion with Mossab about Arabic Wikisource.

Help from SPQRobin and help to Basque editors Theklan and Xabier Cañas to finalize the launching of the new Basque Wikisource.

Communication on social media #wmconfaces on Facebook and on Twitter, some live-tweeting and live discussion on Telegram groups (mainly the Wikisource global community, the Digitization User Group and the Wikimedia Conference 2018 channels).