Wiki Exploration Program

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Wiki Exploration is an initiative taken by West Bengal Wikimedians User Group to document archaeological and heritage sites in different parts of the state of West Bengal, India, even in the remote areas in a cost-effective way in different phases.

Why this project

Heritage sites are present throughout West Bengal, not only in highly populated places, but also in remote areas, many of which are completely undocumented. Apart from that, various heritage sites of West Bengal are on the verge of obliteration and destruction due to various factors like ignorance from the part of government and/or local people, unplanned urbanization, lack of maintenance etc.. Many heritage sites, which were almost destroyed, were and are being restored in an unskilled way and converted into ugly architecture. For these reasons, the user group has taken this initiative to digitally document each and every heritage sites of the state in a planned and cost-effective way.

How we execute in West Bengal

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group has grown contacts and close relationships with few heritage workers, travel writers and bloggers, who were doing this type of exploration for quite a long time, and have extreme passion and dedication for documenting heritage sites. The user group supports them financially to undertake multiple phased projects to cover different parts of the state and guide them through the Wikimedia world to properly document them.