Wiki Explores Birbhum - Phase I

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Birbhum district

Wiki Explores Birbhum District - Phase I is a documentation project of the heritage and archaeological sites of Birbhum district of West Bengal. Birbhum district has many heritage and archaeological sites but these sites are mostly under-represented. No major photo documentation project of the temples or heritage sites have been undertaken. In the documentation project, the major and minor heritage sites of different districts, mostly in rural areas which has not been documented in a substantial way for Wikimedia, is planned to be covered. These heritage sites should be photo documented which will cause awareness of the rich cultural heritage of India.

Area to be covered[edit]

Day 1: 22.01.2018.

  • Temple of Joydeb Kenduli
  • Temples and Palace of Hetampur.
  • Heritage and archaeological sites of Siuri.

Day 2: 23.01.2018

  • Temples of Gonpur.
  • Temples of Mallarpur.
  • Temples of Maluti
  • Temples of Mehgram
  • Temples of Dabuk


  1. To photo document the heritage sites of under represented areas of Birbhum.
  2. To upload photos in Commons.
  3. To add articles in Wikipedia.
  4. To create items in Wikipedia.


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Financial Report[edit]

Purpose Shop Address Date Individual Items Unit Price in INR (Including Tax) Receipt
Tiffin Spencer's Neighborhood Store Spencer Retail Limited, Plot NO- A1/13, Sector - IIA, S.S Banerjee Road, Opposite to STPI, BidhanNagar. Durgapur 22.01.2018 Lemon Grass Concessionaire 2 11 Yes
Sofit Chocolate Soya Milk 4 120
Cavins Milk Shake Chocolate 1 21.25
Britannia Buttersponge Cake 2 17.6
Lunch Haldar Hotel Fish Rice 1 100 Yes
Fuel for motorcycle Dataji Service Station IOCL, Sonthsal Panchami, Birbhum Petrol(@75.33INR/litre) 10.09 litre 760.07 Yes
Tea 15 No
Accomodation Mukherjee Lodge J. L. Banerjee Road, Rampurhat, Birbhum Room No. 11 1 300 Yes
Dinner Egg Tarka + Bread 1 52 Yes
Tiffin 23.01.2018 1 45 No
Accomodation Nalateswari Atithi Niwas and Anusthan Bhavan Nalateswari Temple Compound, Nalhati township, Birbhum Room No. 101 1 500 Yes
Dinner Aparna Hotel and Restaurant Thana More, Nalhati, Birbhum 1 140 Yes
Tiffin 24.01.2018 1 25 No
Lunch 1 50 No
Fuel for motorcycle Pratisthan Kishan Filling Center Malandighi, Durgapur-12 Petrol(@75.12INR/litre) 7.14 litre 536 Yes
Total 2692.92