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Wiki Explores Paschim Medinipur - Phase II

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Paschim Medinipur district

Wiki Explores Paschim Medinipur - Phase II is a four day event to document some areas of district of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India. The objective of this event is to photo-document the various heritage structures which consists of mostly terracotta and laterite built temples in the said area most of which have less or no presence in Wikimedia commons. This is the second phase of documenting heritage monuments at Paschim Medinipur.


  1. Photograph heritage sites near towns of 1. Egra 2. Dantan 3. Keshpur 4. Keshiari 5.Debra
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures of Paschim Medinipur in Commons
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures in Bengali and English Wikipedia
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata


Date: 21st to 24th December, 2021


Amitabha Gupta (talk) 06:53, 20 December 2021 (UTC)[reply]


  • 20.12.2021(Monday) - Depart from Howrah to Kharagpur by train in the evening. Overnight at hotel in Kharagpur.
  • 21.12.2021(Tuesday) - Full day photo documentation of areas between Belda and Egra. Overnight at hotel in Kharagpur.
  • 22.12.2021(Wednesday)- Full day photo documentation of areas around Kesiari and Dantan. Overnight at hotel in Kharagpur.
  • 23.12.2021(Thursday)- Full day photo documentation of areas around Debra. Overnight at hotel in Kharagpur.
  • 24.12.2021(Friday) - Full day photo documentation of areas around Keshpur. Leave for Kolkata in the afternoon by train.

Places to be covered[edit]

[Note: Some places outside the sub-division will also be covered]

  1. Charaigram
    1. Radha Gobinda Jiu DeulYesY
  2. Brahmankhalisa
    1. Sidheshwar Shiva DeulYesY
  3. Garh Haripur
    1. Siddheswar Shiva Ekratna Temple of Maity familyYesY
    2. Wooden decorated gate of Maity family (demolished)NoN
    3. Ramchandra Flat roofed templeYesY
  4. Sauri
    1. Shitala Sikhar Deul with JagamohanYesY
  5. Damodarpur
    1. Brindaban Jiu Sikhar Deul with Charchala JagamohanYesY
  6. Kedar
    1. Kedar Pabkeswhar Shiva TempleYesY
  7. Khandrui
    1. Radhaballabh Temple of Singha Gajendra Mahapatra familyYesY
  8. Panchetgarh
    1. Pancha Ratna Shitala TempleYesY
    2. Pancheswar Shiva Temple ComplexYesY
    3. Panchetgarh Zamindar house (only external view, entry restricted)YesY
    4. Sri Sri Kishorai Jieu Mandir (located inside zamindar house, entry restricted)NoN
  9. Dantan
    1. Shyamaleswar Shiva TempleYesY
    2. Jaggannath TempleYesY
  10. Manoharpur
    1. Pancharath Shikhar Deul of Birbar familyNoN
    2. Ananta Purushottam templeYesY
    3. Shitala temple with Jain Rishabnath statue (Temple renovated into new, statue still exist)YesY
  11. Kakrajit Khetra
    1. First pile of artifactsYesY
    2. Second pile of artifactsYesY
  12. Keshiari
    1. Kashishwar Shiva TempleYesY
    2. Sarbamangala templeYesY
    3. Jaggannath temple at Tal KeshiaryYesY
    4. Jaggannath Deul temple at Kumarhati areaYesY
  13. Hashimpur
    1. Ram Sita temple of Pati familyYesY
    2. Radha Krishna Temple at Nurdipur areaYesY
  14. Amadpur
    1. Raghunath temple(dilapidated)YesY
    2. Sitraram Jiu TempleYesY
    3. Dharmaraj Temple(totally in tuins)YesY
  15. Jamuna-Vaishnavchak
    1. Sridharjiu Pancharatna(similar temple found but identity could not be established)NoN
  16. Khana Mohan
    1. Nrishinga Pancha Ratna temple of Pandey familyYesY
  17. Dinapur
    1. Ragunatha Temple(dilapidated)YesY
  18. Badar Gopinathpur
    1. Jaggannath TempleYesY
  19. Baghrui
    1. Laxmi Janardan temple(dilapidated)YesY
  20. Chandiburi
    1. Kumarinath Mahadev temple YesY
    2. Local Deity Chandiburi's placeYesY
  21. Dhamtor
    1. Billeshwar Shiv temple YesY
    2. Shridhar Jiu TempleYesY
  22. Balarampur
    1. Sitaram Deul templeYesY
    2. Shiva Deul temple of Seal familyYesY
  23. Gayespur
    1. Pancharatna styled Shyam Rai temple(dilapidated)YesY
    2. Dalan temple of Goswami family YesY
  24. Kankra-Shibram
    1. Sridharjiu Nabaratna temple of Bhuiyan family(demolishedNoN
  25. Punapat(Pujanpat)
    1. Pal Family Durga TempleNoN
    2. Lakshmi Janardan TempleNoN
  26. Golgram
    1. Sarbamangla templeNoN
    2. Lakshmi Narayan templeNoN
  27. Kanashol
    1. Jharaeshwar Nath Shiva temple with Bhog MandapYesY
  28. Talkuaii (Nera Deul)
    1. Kameshwar Shiva TempleYesY
  29. Amanpur
    1. Jagadishwar Shiva Temple and its Rasmancha at DakshinparaYesY
    2. Flat roofed templeYesY
    3. Buro Shiva temple of Basu familyYesY
    4. Ruined Rabhaballabh Temple of Basu familyYesY
    5. Rasmancha Of Rabhaballabh Temple of Basu familyYesY
    6. Twin Shiva temple of Basu familyYesY
  30. Kashtakhamar (Dhalhara)
    1. Bateshwar Shiva TempleNoN

Financial Report[edit]

Financial Report
Purpose Particulars Date Price (INR) Receipt Remarks
Train Cost (Going) HWH PRR SUF EXP 20-Dec-21 350.75 Yes
Train Cost (Returning) ISPAT EXPRESS 24-Dec-21 350.75 Yes
Uber cost Home to Howrah Station 20-Dec-21 163.88 Yes
Uber cost Howarh Station to Home 24-Dec-21 300.85 Yes
Accomodation Cost Suchana Guest House, Kharagpur 20-Dec 21 to 23-Dec-21 6496.00 Yes
Car Cost M/s Shubho Travels, Raiganj 21-Dec-21 to 24-Dec-21 12000.00 yes
Snacks and Dinner Dreamz Roof top Restaurant 20-Dec 21 to 23-Dec-21 790.00 yes
Lunch Aviruchi restaurant, Digha More 21-Dec-21 365.00 Yes
Lunch Flyover restaurant, Debra 22-Dec-21 410.00 Yes
Lunch P-99 Restaurant, Narayngarh 23-Dec-21 320.00 Yes
Lunch Hotel Rajdeep, Inda 24-Dec-21 430.00 yes
Toll Gopinathpur ferry ghat 22-Dec-21 50.00 Yes
TOTAL COST 22027.23