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Wiki Explores Purba Bardhaman - Phase I

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Purba Bardhaman district

Wiki Explores Purba Bardhaman - Phase I is an one day event to document some areas of district of Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India. The objective of this event is to photo-document the various heritage structures in the said area most of which have less or no presence in Wikimedia commons.


  1. Photograph heritage sites at Mankar, Amrargarh, Moukhira, Banakati and Bhalki of Purba Bardhaman subdivision Done
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures of Purba Bardhaman in Commons Done
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures in Bengali and English Wikipedia Doing...
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata Doing...


Date: 23rd February 2019



  • 23.02.2019(Sunday) - Depart from Kolkata by a rented car. Visit Mankar, Amrargarh, Bhalki, Moukhira and Banakti. Return to Kolkata on the same day by a rented car. YesY

Places to be covered[edit]

[Note: Some places outside the sub-division will also be covered]

  • Mankar
  1. Anandamoyee Temple Complex YesY (previously taken)
  2. Domed Octagonal Radhaballava Temple (with Verandah) YesY
  3. Two octagonal unfinished temple of Biswas familyYesY
  4. Two Octagonal Chala Temples YesY
  5. Pancha Ratna straight corniced Lakshmi Janardan of Kar family YesY
  6. Pancha Ratna with triple entrance Siva temple of Dutta family YesY
  7. Deulesvara Deul temple in Raypur ((Rich terracotta) YesY
  8. Deul Shiva temple in Bhattacharya Para (Rich terracotta)YesY
  9. Pancha Ratna Dolmancha YesY
  10. Zamindar House of Kaviraj familyYesY
  11. Zamindar House of Biswas family YesY
  • Amrargarh
  1. A cluster of 10 temples of Roy family which includes
    1. 6 Atchala temple, YesY
    2. two Shikhar Deul, YesY
    3. one Pancha Ratna and YesY
    4. one Ekbangla temple YesY
  • Bhalki
  1. Bhalki Machan YesY
  2. Flat roofed Temple YesY
  3. Durga Temple of Karmakar Family NoN
  4. Atachala Temple of Bhat FamilyYesY
  • Moukhira
  1. Twin Deul temples YesY
  2. Cluster of Six temples - Five Rekh Deul and one AatchalaYesY
  3. One PancharatnaYesY
  4. NilKuthiYesY
  5. Kalikapur DurgadalanYesY
  • Banakati
  1. Gopaleswar Shiv TempleYesY
  2. Ratha besides Gopaleswar Shiv TempleYesY
  3. Pancha Ratna Shiva Temple at Hat TalaYesY
  4. Shikhar Deul at Hat Tala YesY
  5. Kali tala Ray family temple clusters consisting of Three Deul Temples and Two Aatchala YesY
  6. Kamarpara four Shiva Temples NoN

Financial Report[edit]

Purpose Shop Address Date Individual Items Unit Price (in INR) (Including Tax) Receipt Remarks
Breakfast Adi Langcha Dham Saktigarhm Burdwan 23.02.19 80 Yes
Lunch Hotel Shantiniketan 11 Mile, Bonkati, Paschim Bardhaman Mix Veg 2 80 Yes
Rice 2 100
Extra Rice 2 30
Chicken 2 240
Roti 30
Cold Drinks 50
Car Requistition 442 km INR 13/km 5746 Yes
Total 6356

Tour Comments[edit]

  1. The most difficult to locate were the temples of Mankar. Google had no clue and in general people had no idea.
  2. The villagers were friendly as because Shantiniketan is nearby and the villagers are used to see City people in those area.
  3. Because of the immense distance we had to cover in one day, it was quite hectic. There are still many places to explore in the area. For any next exploration programme it would be better to stay at Bardhaman town and venture.