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Wiki Explores Purba Medinipur - Phase I

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Purba Medinipur district

Wiki Explores Purba Medinipur - Phase I is a four day event to document some areas of district of Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, India. The objective of this event is to do photo-documentation of the various heritage structures in the said area most of which have less or no presence in Wikimedia commons.


  1. Photograph heritage sites at Tamluk Town, Mahishadal, Garh Moyna, Jalchak, Sabang, Kerur, Churulia, Panchrol, Alangiri, Dihi Bahiri, Jhukia, Bhagabanpur and Contai Town in Purba Medinipur district Done
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures of Purba Medinipur district in Commons Done
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures in Bengali and English Wikipedia Doing...
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata Doing...



Date: 13 January to 16th January 2020



Amitabha Gupta (talk) 11:58, 12th January 2020 (UTC)


  • 13th January 2020 (Monday) - Depart from Kolkata by Tamralipta Express to Mecheda. From Mecheda take a pre-booked car and cover Tamluk and Mahishasal. Night Stay at Mecheda YesY
  • 14th January 2020 (Tuesday) Depart from Mecheda by pre-booked car and cover places at Garh Moyna, Jalchak, Sabang and Egra. Night Stay at Contai. YesY
  • 15th January 2020 (Wednesday) From Contai in a pre-booked car cover places at Egra, Churulia, Panchrol and Alangiri. Night Stay at Contai. YesY
  • 16th January 2020 (Thursday) Check out from Contai and Visit places at Dihi Bahiri, Jhukia and Bhagabanpur. Reach Mecheda and leave for Kolkata by Tamralipta Express. YesY

Places to be covered


[Note: Some places outside the sub-division will also be covered]

  1. Bargabhima Deul Temple, TamlukYesY
  2. Jishnuhari Deul Temple, TamlukYesY
  3. Radhamadhab Deul Temple, TamlukYesY
  4. Ramjiu Deul Temple in Harir Bazar, TamlukYesY
  5. Tamluk Rajbari, TamlukYesY
  6. Lokeswar Shiva, Moyna Garh, TamlukYesY
  7. Gopaljiu Nabaratna Temple, MahishadalYesY
  8. Mahishadal Rajbari, Mahishadal YesY
  9. Ramchandra Pancharatna Temple, JalChak YesY
  10. Radhakrishna Pancharatna Temple, JalChakYesY
  11. Sitaram Nabaratna Temple at Bhemua, Sabang YesY
  12. Radha Kanta Pancha Ratna on Chandni at Pingla YesY
  13. Sadananda Shiva Deul temple at Pingla YesY
  14. Twin Shiva temple of Bose family at Pingla YesY
  15. Baneshwar Shiva with Rasmancha at Pingla YesY
  16. Ruined Palace of Bose family, PinglaYesY
  17. Chandi Shitala Chandni temple of Bose family, Pingla YesY
  18. Ruined Palace of Ghosh Family, Rajballabh, Pingla NoN
  19. Nabartana Temple of Dadhibaman, Rajballabh, Pingla YesY
  20. Nabartana Temple of Shymasundar, Rajballabh, Pingla NoN
  21. Rudresvar Siva Ek Ratna temple in Paschimpara, Adasimla, SabangYesY
  22. Laxmi Janardan Nava Ratna Temple , Dubrajpur, Medinipur YesY
  23. Baikuntanath Deul Temple in Paschimpara, Kerur, Sabang YesY
  24. Singhabahini Dalan Temple, Kerur, SabangNoN
  25. Siva and Jayadurga, Kerur, Sabang YesY
  26. Syamasundara Pancha Ratna temple at Kolanda, Sabang YesY
  27. Lakshmi Janardan Pancha Ratna temple at Madhyabarh, SabangYesY
  28. Lakshmi Janardan Pancha Ratna temple at Srirampur, SabangYesY
  29. Hatnagar Shiva Deul, Egra YesY
  30. Rasmnacha of Hatnagar Shiva Deul, EgraYesY
  31. Ramchandra Baro Chala Temple, Chirulia, Egra}NoN
  32. Jagannatha Deul of Basudevour, Egra NoN
  33. Radha Gokulananda Ek Ratna temple at Alangiri, Egra YesY
  34. Raghunatha Nava Ratna Temple at Alangiri, EgraYesY
  35. Rasmancha of Raghunatha at Alangiri, Egra YesY
  36. Brindaban Jiu Dalan Temple at Panchrol, EgraYesY
  37. Madan Mohan Dalan Temple at Panchrol, EgraYesY
  38. Sharabhuja Gouranga Dalan Temple at Panchrol, EgraYesY
  39. Jagannath temple at Dihi – Bahiri, Contai YesY
  40. Radha Govinda Nabartana Temple at Jukhia / Dheloa, BhagabanpurYesY
  41. Dakhsina Kali Atchala Temple, BhagabanpurYesY
  42. Rudreswar Siva Deul in Saiyadbazar, Bhagabanpur NoN
  43. Gopal Navartana Temple of Chowdhurys of Sujmatha Raj, Kajlagarh, Bhagabanpur YesY
  44. Shyama Sundara Dalan Temple at Paikbheri, Bhagabanpur YesY
  45. Shyama Sundara Deul Remple at Paikbheri, BhagabanpurYesY

Financial Report

Date Particulars Details Amount (Rs) Remarks
13.01.2020 Taxi Fare from Home to Howrah Station 100.00 No Bill
Train Ticket (Howrah to Mecheda) Tamralipta Express 333.00 Ticket Provided
Lunch on 13.01.2020 Shyamsundar Hotel 320.00 Bill Provided
Dinner and Snacks on 13.01.2020 Park Point Hotel & Restauarnt 421.00 Bill Provided
Hotel Fare 13th to 14th Jan, 2020 Park Point Hotel & Restauarnt 850.00 Bill Provided
14.01.2020 Toll Tax NHAI 115.00 Bill Provided
Lunch on 14.01.2020 Raj Hotel 220.00 Bill Provided
15.01.2020 Lunch-Snacks-15-01-2020 Restauarant Nikita 871.00 Bill Provided
Dinner 14.01.2020 & 15.01.2020 Lodge Indrapuri 450.00 Bill Provided
Hotel Fare ,14th to 15th , 15th to 16th Jan, 2020 Lodge Indrapuri 2000.00 Bill Provided
Toll Tax Dasgaram Gram Panchayat 30.00 Bill Provided
16.01.2020 Lunch 16-01-2020 Sher Bengal Hotel 551.00 Bill Provided
Toll Tax NHAI 75.00 Bill Provided
Train Ticket ( Mecheda to Howrah) Howrah Super AC Express 343.00 Bill Provided
Radio Cab fare from Howrah Station too home 289.00 Bill Provided
Car Rental Taxi and Car Association, Mecheda 10000.00 Bill Provided

Tour Comment

  1. Paschim Medinipur district being a vast area to cover, I had to include many of its heritage monuments in Purba Medinipur exploration program despite doing a separate exploration program on Paschim Medinipur. These areas are located in places under jurisdiction of Pingla and Sabang police station of Paschim Medinipur district
  2. Residents of Purba Medinipur and places under jurisdiction of Pingla and Sabang police station are well aware of the temples in their location which is why most of the places could be easily located
  3. In future exploration programs in both Purba and Paschim Medinipur exploration program, more books and reference needs to be consulted as because some sources have incorrect report about location and names of such heritage places.
  4. Some heritage structures do not exists anymore as they have collapsed or have been demolished like the dalan temple at Kerur