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Global access for all to open knowledge that reflects the diverse cultures, biodiversities, peoples, and histories of the African continent with the same depth and breadth as other knowledges.

Wiki In Africa is a non-profit voluntary association that is based in South Africa. It is a financial and legal structure that operates global initiatives in support of the WikiAfrica movement. The WikiAfrica movement is a collective of interventions that supports the aims and development of the Wikimedia movement and community across the geographical space of Africa.


Its objective are to empower and engage citizens of Africa and its diaspora to collect, develop and contribute educational and relevant content that relates to the theme of Africa under a free license, and to engage in global knowledge systems by encouraging access to, awareness of, and support for open knowledge, the open movement and the Wikimedia projects, working in collaboration with like-minded organisations.

WHAT Wiki In Africa IS NOT:

Wiki In Africa has absolutely NO intention of working above, instead of, or replacing any national user group. The purpose of Wiki In Africa is to create projects that consistently collaborates with and supports the work of existing and future Wikimedia Volunteer teams and Usergroups, and in no way to replace any of the work that they do on the ground.

Our Mission :

Facilitate global access for all to open knowledge that reflects and represents the diverse cultures, peoples, biodiversities, and histories of the African continent and other previously marginalized and disenfranchised communities with the same depth and breadth as other knowledges.
Wiki In Africa’s activities are designed to rebalance the type and diversity of information and perspectives that are available online about and from Africa, leveraging Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects as platforms for the dissemination of this knowledge to multiple peoples residing on and off the continent.
In short, it encourages and trains people and organisations to create, preserve and share open knowledge, and provide easy access for readers to those knowledges and perspectives that relate to Africa.

Wiki in Africa is a proud member of the WikiFranca hub.

Reports, key links and contact information[edit]

Wiki In Africa's Annual Report 2022
Wiki In Africa's Annual Report 2022

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  • Email us: hello@wikiinafrica.org


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