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Wiki In Africa/GLAM

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WikiAfrica Heritage is a GLAM training and support initiative, initially created for heritage professionals and enthusiasts based within the Western Cape, South Africa. The programme being developed is intended as a template that can be adapted to other programmes across Africa, and beyond. The initial programme started in May 2021 and will roll out through out the year. It is a collaboration between Wiki In Africa and the Simon's Town Museum, Cape Town.

Preceeding this event was the Descendants of slavery event funded by the FindingGLAMs initiative from Wikimedia Sweden.

Main goals of the programme[edit]

  • Develop a slow, manageable, collaborative, consultative and supportive programme with Heritage and memory professionals and enthusiasts to introduce and facilitate the integration of Wikipedia and Open movement practices into the Heritage sector in Cape Town
  • Provide knowledge, theoretical information, practical application and programme development support as alternatives in their community and education programmes
  • Inform and assist as heritage organisations put skills and knowledge into action:
  • in the form of content expansion and creation directly on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons and in the development
  • in the development of realistic community and education interventions that are adapted to their unique situations, limitations and resources.
  • Build a nurturing, self-sustaining and supportive local then regional network that helps and assists each other.
  • Share this model with communities across Africa to grow and develop the GLAM space.

The main elements of the collaborative and consultative programme are:

  • Knowledge transfer :
Find out about Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects and communities, Open licences and copyright, GLAM partnerships, Education programmes, case studies, etc.
  • Skills acquisition :
Learn how to edit, work with info boxes, add data, upload images, teach others, where the best resources are, etc.
  • Content creation (practical application):
Add to and improve existing articles that reflect your community, focus or passions. Understand the challenges through practical application
  • Programme development:
Support as you develop your own community or education programme

Project Impact (end 2021)[edit]

  • 10 WikiAfrica Heritage Members representing 8 heritage organisations in the Western Cape, South Africa received an introduction to Wikimedia and the GLAM benefits for working with Wikimedia Communities over 4 working sessions.

Project objectives for 2022[edit]

  • Consistent, active participation over the year by a minimum of 10 members from a minimum of 5 organisations
  • Hold a minimum of 8 WikiAfrica Heritage working sessions
  • Hold a minimum of 8 WikiAfrica Heritage office hours
  • Facilitate the process of members hosting at least 1 photographic event
  • Facilitate the process of members towards hosting at least 1 contribution event
  • Process, training and additional elements documented on accessible, easy to access online space (unless privacy is requested).

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