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This would be someway between Wikiversity and Wiktionary.

The goal is to assist language learning, translation and communication.

See User:Ilya/Wikiversity_Example:Japanese!an example with japanese.

Difference with wiktionary : instead of clearly defining terms, it is sufficient to explain them in the learner's language.

Let's take french for english-speakers as an example :

  • "bateau" : noun (m) → boat ; adjective (slang) → simple, easy.

notice that you don't need a definition like "a vehicle for moving on water" or whatnot. If the translation's straightforward just put it. If not, add more information :

  • "ville" : noun (f) → a city or a town - the distinction is not made in French.

This is probably better than something like a) city and b) town - the goal here is to teach, not to define formally !

But this is not only about a bilingual dictionary (or this page would be on Wiktionary) - it should also include grammar, idioms, notes on language use, sample phrases ...

A good open source Dictionary English-German/German-English and French-German/German-French exist already on Maybe it can be integrated in the future in Wikimedia organisation...

Wikibooks already has some coursebooks in different languages. However, these are not attached to wikitionaries.

Occleve - The Open Content Learning Environment[edit]

Occleve - The Open Content Learning Environment is very similar to the above proposal - and is working NOW. It's hosted at berlios and at the moment primarily contains English-Chinese tests, but there are a few other language pairs too. It has the additional (and substantial) plus of being designed for learning on the move. A Java mobile phone application connects to the wiki via the Internet to retrieve tests. The tests are written in XML, not wikitext. --Joe Gittings 13:14, 29 May 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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