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Wiki Loves Africa/Participating country event guidelines

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Guidelines to submitting a Country Engagement Plan for Wiki Loves Africa 2015[edit]

The following are suggestions to consider before submitting a Country Engagement Plan from teams across Africa to participate in the Wiki Loves Africa 2015 competition.

  • Deadline for submitting your country's engagement plan: 23rd August 2015.
  • To submit your country team's proposal: Write it up on meta and add a link to this section.
  • Theme for 2015: Cultural Fashion and Adornment.

Please note: In the 2014 contest there were two points or criticisms that were noted:

1) The general quality of pictures could be (should be) improved
2) The usage of the images on Wikipedia pages stayed low (=compared to other contests) at 6%

Wiki Loves Africa 2015 is very interested in having new groups and countries on board. Here are some guidelines to being involved as a country team:

  1. a cohesive plan of events from September to December 2015;
  2. an event and communications budget that should not exceed the 820 USD (guideline: 700 USD event, and 120 USD communication material) allocated to each country;
  3. a list of the core team members (including email addresses);
  4. a list of possible partners and targets for local funding (in-kind or monetary); and
  5. an idea of how to encourage quality submissions, e.g. an alliance with local photography groups, etc..
  6. bonus: a post-competition extension project where the images are used in Wikipedia articles that are expanded or created, or used to create a Wikibook, or section in WikiVoyage or other wikimedia project.
  • For events, please consider the following options:
  1. a press launch, if you feel it is necessary;
  2. an event aimed at introducing Wikimedia projects to a new audience that could potentially contribute and add to the user group team - a hub, interest group, school/ university, etc.;
  3. a quality photography demonstration by a local photography group before a wikitakes event;
  4. a photo hunt party;
  5. a collaboration with local designers or fashion event, or fashion and adornment heritage institution;
  6. a post-competition (or late in the competition) edit-a-thon or cat-e-thon to improve the usage of the images that have been submitted, and improve articles that the images could be related to.

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