Wiki Loves Africa 2016/Zimbabwe

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Proposal for Wiki Loves Africa in 2016

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WLAf 2016 Zimbabwe[edit]

This is a very new group. The thoughts around this is to get as many people involved and excited about Wikipedia as possible.

UPDATE: This proposal is being changed to reflect the need to start a community. This allows for a lower level of expectations.

Measures of success[edit]

  • Number of participating : 20+
  • Number of photos uploaded: 220 minimum
  • Number of new users: 10
  • 6 months after the contest: 10 new articles / 20% of photos integrated
  • 6 months after the event: 20 more new wikipedians

Possible Programs[edit]

  • 2 introduction and trainings sessions (cann include an upload session)
  • 2 Upload sessions
  • extend contest with select schools (this will be attempted)
  • work with local artists to get licences correct and audio of local musical instruments (this will be attempted)
  • 1 photo session at a local music event and/or dance performance
  • 1 photo session at a local performance event
  • 1 post contest edit-a-thon (this will be attempted)

Team-Mbizo Chirasha (talk) 12:34, 11 November 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Possible partners[edit]

(to be finalised)

  • Goethe-Centre
  • GIZ
  • National Gallery of Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences
  • Tambuka


Category Quantity Unit Cost USD Total Cost USD
Communications - Marketing
A3 Posters 20 1 20
Stickers 100 0.2 20
Flyers 300 0.2 60
Facebook ads 2 20 40
Internet and phone expenses
Voice and Data 3 20 60
Photo Hunts, Training and upload events 4 50 200
Transport 20 2 40
Salaries and stipends
Stipends for organisers 3 20 60
Marketing campaign
Facebook ads 2 20 40
Total 500

Part of the budget funded : 300 dollars.
We are please to inform you that we have allocated money to support Wiki Loves Africa 2016 in your country ! The entirety of the sum will be sent before the beginning of the contest. Please check out guidelines for next steps on the African ML. Thanks Anthere (talk)

since the allocated budget is slightly less than asked for, feel free to update your budget with the new figures, but please let the old figures there as well (strick them))