Wiki Loves Africa 2021/Meetings/Jan 23 : Survey results and needs

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First meeting : Saturday 23rd Jan, 10 am UTC+1[edit]

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  • WLA 2020 survey results
  • general organisation
  • Q/A
  • tasks and who can help do what
  • which tutorials to prepare...
  • montage issues...
  • ... just add

Material :

Some notes

As an organiser, what more do you think we can do to help photographers with their work and get them more involved?

  • training sessions on photography
  • outreach session to explain them Wikimedia Commons<
  • explaining licences
  • Souvenirs from Wiki loves Team and office hours enlighten them about the overall expectations of the project
  • criteria for the international selection are made clear for the locals to also aim big while joining the contest
  • many of the professional photographers expect a gift that can commensurate their contributions so we might look at improving on quality of our prize
  • deploy a mechanism that can promote total inclusion
  • Hold online exhibitions video conference for outstanding images locally for each country and internationally
  • Advise the affiliates to organise more focused events for photographers, and also involve them in other or related Wikimedia project
  • strategy of communication


  • finding jury members
  • jury process
  • montage complicated.
  • The jury members were not properly explained to how their contributions would be recognized or rewarded.
  • grant money unsufficient
  • lack of volunteers and or motivation
  • lack of skills in the team
  • lack of enough understanding of how Wikimedia Commons work
  • copyright complicated to explain to participants
  • lack of communication material. Or of goodies
  • not enough social media presence
  • people do not know who we are
  • complicated to contact winners who did not provide their contact info
  • The quality of the uploaded photos could be improved compared to the total number of uploaded photos


  • a "checking" lead for each country to follow up image quality
  • There should be a general video on how one can navigate the use of the montage at least to help entirely new jurys
  • To promote fairness, I think the International jury can introduce a cross country participation of Jury in such a way that at least the component of jury in a country must include another nationality or member of other user group as the case may be
  • userguide of montage should be simplified and translated
  • More support with montage needed
  • prizes for jury members, besides recognition
  • more training
  • There should be Souvenirs shared across board at least to local community leaders to share amongst their communities to create awareness (goodies ?)
  • More explanations about the video selection criteria. More explanations on the international photo winners' photos
  • Daily update of contributions per country.
  • More social media presence, encourage more females to enter the competition maybe have the best female photo
  • More instructional videos about Wikimedia for new volunteers