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Wiki Loves Africa 2021 – Health and Wellness


Set-up technique[edit]

Site notice and call in 2021[edit]


Site notice and call in 2020[edit]

Person to ask help from :

Place to request banner slots (todo at least 3 months in advance)

Banners :

  • [1] campaign page on meta.
  • [2] banner 2019 (mobile and desktop dealt within same banner now)
  • [3] Translation board for the banners (remember that translations have to be approved before going up)
  • [4] banner 2020 (mobile and desktop dealt within same banner now)

Landing pages

text banner

  • en: Share pictures of "Africa on the Move or Transport" with the entire world and win great prizes!
  • fr: Partagez vos photos sur "l'Afrique en mouvement" avec le monde entier et gagnez des prix !
  • ar: !شاركونا صور "التنقل في أفريقيا" مع العالم أجمع واربحوا جوائز قيمة

other text

  • Done "Select the country where you made this photo:" (in the upload wizard)
    French: Sélectionnez le pays dans lequel la photo a été prise
    Arabic: اختر البلد حيث تم التقاط الصورة

other text

  • Done "No country selected" (in the upload wizard)
    French: Aucun pays sélectionné
    Arabic: لم يتم إختيار البلد

other text

  • Done "Select your country" (in the upload wizard)
    French: Sélectionnez votre pays
    Arabic: اختر بلدك

other text

other text

other text

Template header

Other info

Translations : c:Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2020/Translations

Cute icons...

Interface translations[edit]

Some pages are translated. Usually, the main pages are protected.

To help with the set-up of the translation system or to update pages, contact Translation administrator User:Bachounda or user:Romaine.

Translation of site notice and such : c:Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2019/Translations

See also c:Commons:Translators' noticeboard
Page translation log (provide list of active translation admins for article marking)

User boxes et barnstars[edit]

How to add a userbox on a user page ?

{{userboxtop}} {{User WLA jury member}} or {{User Wiki Loves Africa}} or any other template {{userboxbottom}}


Participants to Wiki Loves Africa are invited to add this box to their user pages:

WLA logo puzzle piece This user is a participant to Wiki Loves Africa.

To add this template, paste the following code into your user page:

{{User Wiki Loves Africa}}

On Wikimedia Commons, you may use this box

{{User WLA participant}}

Jury members[edit]

A template userbox has been created for jury members :

On Wikimedia Commons, you may use this box :
{{User WLA jury member}}


See boilertext and box here :

Quality issues[edit]

Category issues[edit]

Quality elements[edit]

Involved in Research:Recommending Images to Wikidata Items, User:Miriam (WMF), a research scientist in the WMF team, with expertise in computer vision, proposed us to run her quality scoring system on categories of images related to WLA. Outcome of the runs is below. Florence took the opportunity to reflect on the outcome, hoping that it will be useful to improve the tool.



Tools for Wiki Loves Photo Competitions[edit]

Mass upload tools[edit]

Strongest suggestions are Pattypan or Commonist.

ALWAYS test with small number of photos first

The Wiki Loves tool[edit]

It displays a bunch of general participation stats per year and per country on WLA
Made by Jean-Fred and Erik Zachte. To get support for that tool, you can contact user:GuillaumeG.

Montage : tool for image selection by jury[edit]

To request a set-up, check out


Baglama2 displays page view numbers on pages including images from a category (aka, images views on wikipedia)

To add a new year, one can add categories. Check out to add new categories, log into WiDaR, then reload this page


Glamorous provides % of use of all images in a commons category, on wikimedia projects


Alternate to Baglama2. View and stats of WP articles with photos

Page views[edit]

Individual wikipedia pages views

Visibility and participation tracking[edit]

Page views of landing page[edit]

  • Early 2021 : [5]
  • 2020 mid feb till mid march : [6]

Getting stats and participants user names (queries)[edit]

Biggest contributors to WLA for one year (2021)

  SELECT DISTINCT actor_name, rev_actor
INNER JOIN commonswiki_p.categorylinks cl ON p.page_id = cl.cl_from 
INNER JOIN commonswiki_p.revision r ON p.page_id = r.rev_page
join actor on rev_actor = actor_id and actor_user is not null
WHERE cl.cl_to IN (
-- WHERE cl.cl_to LIKE "Images\_from\_Wiki\_Loves\_Africa\_20__"
AND p.page_namespace = 6 
AND r.rev_parent_id = 0;

Getting a list of unique participants in the 7 WLA years

SELECT DISTINCT actor_name, rev_actor
INNER JOIN commonswiki_p.categorylinks cl ON p.page_id = cl.cl_from 
INNER JOIN commonswiki_p.revision r ON p.page_id = r.rev_page
join actor on rev_actor = actor_id and actor_user is not null
WHERE cl.cl_to IN (
-- WHERE cl.cl_to LIKE "Images\_from\_Wiki\_Loves\_Africa\_20__"
AND p.page_namespace = 6 
AND r.rev_parent_id = 0;


For additional queries support :

Blocked ip issues[edit]

Supported by templates[edit]

If you upload photo as part of your local group, consider creating a dedicated template for your Usergroup and using it to categorize images that results from your group activity.

See This is the upper category that host all images taken with the support of Wikimedia France. Files are placed in and removed from this category by placing the template Supported by Wikimedia France.
See this template here :
See an example of how this is used on a picture

Structured data[edit]

ISA Tool[edit]

ISA campaigns[edit]

Mass contacting[edit]

Contacting organisers on meta[edit]

Mass messaging[edit]

Mass messaging is an effective way to inform people of Wiki Loves Africa updates. Previous participants can be informed of the start of a new competition, and current participants can receive updates during and after the competition.

To send a mass message:

  1. Acquire an audience. If you want a list of previous or current participants, you can get a list of uploaders within a category with the 'Uploaders in cat' tool.
  2. Another option :
  3. Create a list of talk pages you want to send messages to. Each link should be formatted like # {{#target:User talk:USERNAME}}
  4. Draft the message you want to send on a new page. Do not include a header, as the MassMessage tool has a separate field for that.
  5. If you are an admin, you can use Special:MassMessage yourself. Otherwise, ask an admin on the Commons to send the message out (you may use the Administrators' noticeboard). To make the process quick and easy, you will want to provide clear links to the list of recipients, the subject of the message, and the message body.



Social media[edit]

We have

Plus many other accounts from the local teams. Check here : c:Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2019/Local events -> c:Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2020/Local events

Advertising and Communication elements[edit]

The Wiki Loves Africa generic identity elements[edit]

  • the existing visual identity
  • a “pitch deck” explaining the project
  • a generic leaflet about the project
  • a Pull-up banner design
  • T-shirt design
  • Buttons, badges, stickers (square, round and rectangular)
  • “App button” version of the logo for use on web, devices and other pages
  • Logo as used in press releases, social media, presentations, on banners, etc.
  • Generic leaflet

Wiki Loves Africa 2021[edit]

For each competition, the international team will provide the following. The new branding will be released by end of first week of February 2021:

  • Press release template - with vital information that is able to be adapted and translated to your context
  • Theme poster in English
  • Double sided A5 theme leaflet
  • email or site banner
  • social media message templates

Design and photographic manipulation tools[edit]

If you wish to create your own branding, please consider using the following design tools. Many of the application listed below require specialist knowledge of design and photographic principles. If you are new to communications and design, then perhaps try these no-open source platforms. They are not free, but many have a free 'plan' that allows limited functionality:

Please note: the following is a list of (mostly) open source options. While many of these products are exceptional we do not recommend or endorse one over another. Always be careful when downloading software.

Photographic manipulation

Design creation and manipulation

Find more marketing materials here :