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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Aeromachus jhora jhora
(Sikkim Grey Scrub Hopper)

Aeromachus kali
(Blue-spotted Scrub Hopper)

Aeromachus pygmaeus
(Pygmy Scrub-hopper)

(Patkai Veined Scrub Hopper)

(Himalayan Veined Scrub Hopper)

Ampittia dioscorides dioscorides
(Indian Bush Hopper)

Ampittia subvittatus
(Tiger Hopper)

Arnetta atkinsoni
(Black-tufted Bob)

Arnetta mercara
(Kodagu Forest Hopper)

Astictopterus jama olivascens
(Indo-Chinese Forest Hopper)

Baoris chapmani
(Small Paint-brush Swift)

Baoris farri
(Complete Paint-brush Swift)

Baoris unicolor
(Black Paint-brush Swift)

(Lesser Rice Swift)

Borbo cinnara
(Rice Swift)

Caltoris cahira austeni

Cupitha purreea
(Wax Dart)

(Small Palm-redeye)

Erionota apex
(White-tipped Palm-redeye)

Erionota thrax thrax

Gegenes nostrodamus
(Dingy Swift)

Halpe aucma
(Gold-spotted Ace)

(Absent Ace)

Halpe porus
(Bispot Banded Ace)

Halpe sikkima
(Sikkim Ace)

Halpe zema zema
(Sikkim Zema Banded Ace)

Hidari bhawani
(Veined Palmer)

Hyarotis adrastus praba
(Bengal Tree Flitter)

Iton semamora semamora
(Bengal Common Wight)

Matapa aria
(Common Branded Redeye)

Matapa cresta
(Fringed Branded Redeye)

Matapa druna
(Grey-branded Redeye)

Matapa sasivarna
(Black-veined Branded Redeye)

Notocrypta curvifascia curvifascia
(Chinese Restricted Demon)

Notocrypta feisthamelii alysos
(Himalayan Spotted Demon)

Notocrypta paralysos asawa
(Indo-Chinese Common Banded Demon)

Oriens gola pseudolus
(Oriental Common Dartlet)

Oriens goloides
(Smaller Dartlet)

Parnara bada

Parnara ganga

Parnara guttatus mangala
(Himalayan Straight Swift)

(White-spotted Mussoorie Bush Bob)

Pedesta pandita
(Brown Bush Bob)

Pelopidas agna agna
(Bengal Obscure Branded Swift)

Pelopidas assamensis
(Great Swift)

Pelopidas conjuncta conjuncta
(Oriental Conjoined Swift)

Pelopidas mathias mathias
(Dakhan Small Branded Swift)

Pithauria stramineipennis
(Light Straw Ace)

(Assam Light Straw Ace)

Polytremis discreta discreta
(Himalayan White-fringed Swift)

(Darjeeling Yellow-spot Swift)

Polytremis lubricans lubricans
(Oriental Contiguous Swift)

(Indian Dusky Partwing)

Scobura cephala
(Extra Forest Bob)

(Myanmarese Large Forest Bob)

Scobura isota
(Khasi Forest Bob)

Scobura parawoolletti
(Divided Forest Bob)

Scobura phiditia
(One-spotted Forest Bob)

Sebastonyma dolopia
(Tufted Ace)

Sovia separata magna
(Patkai Chequered Ace)

(Oriental Dark Palm-Dart)

Telicota colon colon
(Indian Pale Palm-Dart)

Thoressa cerata
(Northern Spotted Ace)

Udaspes folus
(Grass Demon)

Zographetus dzonguensis
(chocolate-bordered flitter)

Zographetus ogygia ogygia
(Continental Purple-spotted Flitter)

Zographetus satwa
(Purple and Gold Flitter)

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