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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Acytolepis puspa gisca
(Himalayan Common Hedge Blue)

Anthene emolus emolus
(Bengal Common Ciliate Blue)

Anthene lycaenina lycambes
(Pointed Ciliate Blue)

Azanus ubaldus
(Bright Babul Blue
Desert babul blue)

Azanus uranus
(Dull Babul Blue)

Caleta decidia
(Angled Pierrot)

Caleta elna noliteia
(Indo-Chinese Elbowed Pierrot)

Caleta roxus roxana
(Indo-Chinese Straight Pierrot)

Castalius rosimon rosimon
(Continental Common Pierrot)

Catochrysops panormus exiguus

Catochrysops strabo strabo
(Oriental Forget-me-not)

Celastrina argiolus iynteana
(Jaintia Hill Hedge Blue)

Celastrina gigas
(Silvery Hedge Blue)

Chilades lajus lajus
(Indian Lime Blue)

(Oriental Plains Cupid)

Euchrysops cnejus cnejus
(Oriental Gram Blue)

(Himalayan Tailed Cupid)

Everes lacturnus assamica
(Assam Cupid)

Cupido lacturnus syntala
(Dakhan Cupid)

Freyeria putli
(Oriental Grass Jewel)

Ionolyce helicon merguiana
(Mergui Pointed Lineblue)

Jamides alecto eurysaces
(Himalayan Metallic Cerulean)

Jamides bochus bochus
(Indian Dark Cerulean)

Jamides caerulea caerulea
(Oriental Royal Cerulean)

Jamides elpis pseudelpis
(False Glistening Cerulean)

Jamides pura pura
(Continental White Cerulean)

Lampides boeticus
(long-tailed blue)

Leptotes plinius plinius
(Asian Zebra Blue)

Lestranicus transpectus
(White-banded Hedge Blue)

Luthrodes pandava pandava
(Oriental Plains Cupid)

Megisba malaya sikkima

Nacaduba beroe gythion
(Assam Opaque Six-Lineblue)

Nacaduba hermus nabo
(Assam Pale Four-Lineblue)

Nacaduba pactolus continentalis
(Continental Large Four-Lineblue)

Neopithecops zalmora zalmora
(Myanmar Common Quaker)

Niphanda cymbia cymbia
(Sikkim Pointed Pierrot)

Orthomiella pontis pontis
(Darjeeling Straightwing Blue)

Petrelaea dana
(Dingy Line blue)

Pithecops fulgens

Pithecops fulgens fulgens
(Assam Blue Quaker)

Prosotas aluta coelestis
(Assam Banded Lineblue)

Prosotas bhutea
(Bhutia Lineblue)

Prosotas dubiosa indica
(Indian Tailless Lineblue)

Prosotas nora ardates
(Indian Common Lineblue)

Prosotas pia marginata
(Margined Additional Lineblue)

Pseudozizeeria maha maha
(Himalayan Pale Grass Blue)

Shijimia moorei moorei
(Chinese Bicolor Cupid)

Talicada nyseus khasiana
(Khasi Red Pierrot)

Tarucus ananda
(Dark Pierrot)

Tarucus balkanicus nigra
(Black-spotted Pierrot)

Tarucus callinara
(Spotted Pierrot)

Tarucus nara
(Striped Pierrot)

Tarucus venosus
(Himalayan Pierrot)

Tarucus waterstradti dharta
(Waterstradt's Pierrot)

(Himalayan Albocerulean)

Udara dilectus dilectus
(Himalayan Pale Hedge Blue)

Una usta usta
(Oriental Singleton)

Zizeeria karsandra
(Dark Grass Blue)

Zizina otis otis
(Oriental Lesser Grass Blue)

Zizula hylax hylax
(Tiny Grass Blue)

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