Wiki Loves Butterfly/List of butterflies/Lycaenidae/Theclinae

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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Amblypodia anita dina
(Indian Purple Leaf Blue)

Arhopala silhetensis silhetensis
(Broad-bordered Sylhet Oakblue)

Catapaecilma major major
(Himalayan Common Tinsel)

Catapaecilma subochrea
(Yellow Tinsel)

Deudorix epijarbas epijarbas
(Oriental Cornelian)

Deudorix perse perse
(Large Guava Blue)

Hypolycaena erylus himavantus
(Sikkim Common Tit)

Hypolycaena kina kina
(Darjeeling Blue Tit)

Hypolycaena narada
(Banded Tit)

Hypolycaena othona othona
(Oriental Orchid Tit)

Iraota rochana boswelliana
(Malayan Scarce Silverstreak Blue)

Loxura atymnus continentalis
(Continental Yamfly)

Rachana jalindra indra
(Bengal Banded Royal)

Rapala iarbus iarbus
(Oriental Red Flash)

Rapala manea schistacea
(Bengal Slate Flash)

Rapala nissa nissa
(Himalayan Common Flash)

Rapala pheretima petosiris
(Indian Copper Flash)

Rapala varuna orseis
(Variable Indigo Flash)

(Common Guava Blue)

Zesius chrysomallus

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