Wiki Loves Butterfly/List of butterflies/Nymphalidae/Heliconiinae

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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Acraea issoria issoria
(Himalayan Yellow Coster)

Acraea terpsicore
(Tawny Coster)

Argynnis childreni childreni
(Himalayan Large Silverstripe)

Argynnis hyperbius hyperbius
(Chinese Tropical Fritillary)

Cethosia biblis tisamena
(Himalayan Red Lacewing)

Cethosia cyane cyane
(Bengal Leopard Lacewing)

Cirrochroa aoris aoris
(Himalayan Large Yeoman)

Cirrochroa tyche mithila
(Bengal Common Yeoman)

Issoria issaea
(Himalayan Queen Fritillary)

Phalanta alcippe alcippoides
(Himalayan Small Leopard)

Phalanta phalantha phalantha
(Oriental Common Leopard)

Vagrans egista sinha
(Himalayan Vagrant)

Vindula erota erota
(Thai Cruiser)

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