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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Aulocera saraswati vishnu
(Eastern Striated Satyr)

Callerebia orixa
(Orixa Argus)

Discophora sondaica zal
(Indian Common Duffer)

Elymnias hypermnestra undularis
(Wavy Common Palmfly)

Elymnias malelas malelas
(Bengal Spotted Palmfly)

Elymnias nesaea timandra
(Sylhet Tiger Palmfly)

Elymnias patna patna
(Larger Blue-striped Palmfly)

Elymnias pealii
(Peal's Palmfly)

Elymnias penanga chelensis
(Khasi Pointed Palmfly)

Elymnias vasudeva
(Jezebel Palmfly)

Ethope himachala
(Dusky Diadem)

Faunis canens arcesilas
(Thai Common Faun)

Faunis eumeus assama
(Assam Large Faun)

Lethe baladeva baladeva
(Darjeeling Treble Silverstripe)

Lethe bhairava
(Rusty Forester)

Lethe chandica chandica
(Darjeeling Angled Red Forester)

Lethe chandica flanona
(Assam Angled Red Forester)

Lethe confusa confusa
(Himalayan Banded Treebrown)

Lethe europa niladana
(Himalayan Bamboo Treebrown)

Lethe isana dinarbas
(Himalayan Common Forester)

Lethe kanjupkula kanjupkula
(Manipur Broken Woodbrown)

Lethe kansa
(Bamboo Forester)

Lethe latiaris latiaris
(Himalayan Pale Forester)

Lethe mekara mekara
(Darjeeling Common Red Forester)

Lethe mekara zuchara
(Assam Common Red Forester)

Lethe siderea siderea
(Himalayan Scarce Woodbrown)

Lethe sidonis
(Common Woodbrown)

Lethe sinorix sinorix
(Assam Tailed Red Forester)

Lethe sura

Lethe verma sintica
(East Himalayan Straight-banded Treebrown)

Lethe visrava
(White-edged Woodbrown)

Melanitis leda leda
(Oriental Common Evening Brown)

Melanitis phedima bela
(Bengal Dark Evening Brown)

Melanitis zitenius zitenius
(Himalayan Great Evening Brown)

(Double-branded Bushbrown)

Mycalesis anaxias aemate
(Indo-Chinese White-bar Bushbrown)

Mycalesis francisca sanatana
(Himalayan Lilacine Bushbrown)

Mycalesis gotama charaka

Mycalesis intermedia
(Intermediate Bushbrown)

Mycalesis malsara
(White-line Bushbrown)

Mycalesis mineus mineus
(Chinese Dark-branded Bushbrown)

Mycalesis perseus blasius
(Himalayan Common Bushbrown)

Mycalesis visala visala
(Indian Long-branded Bushbrown)

Penthema lisarda lisarda
(Himalayan Yellow Kaiser)

Ragadia crisilda crisilda
(Sylhet White-striped Ringlet)

Ragadia crito
(Dusky-striped Ringlet)

Stichophthalma camadeva camadeva
(Sikkim Northern Junglequeen)

Telinga heri
(Large-eyed Bushbrown)

Telinga malsarida
(Plain Bushbrown)

Telinga mestra sadona
(Sadon White-edged Bushbrown)

Mycalesis nicotia
(Bright-eye Bushbrown)

Thaumantis diores diores
(Assam Jungleglory)

Ypthima baldus baldus
(Himalayan Common Five-ring)

Ypthima cantliei
(Great Four-ring)

Ypthima huebneri
(Common Four-ring)

Ypthima nareda
(Large Three-ring)

Ypthima newara newara
(Himalayan Newar Three-ring)

Ypthima sakra sakra
(East Himalayan Five-ring)

Zipaetis scylax scylax
(Patkai Dark Catseye)

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