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Name taxon rank parent taxon image
Aporia agathon agathon subspecies Aporia agathon
Close Wing position of Aporia agathon (Gray, 1831) – Great Blackvein.jpg
Appias albina darada subspecies Appias albina
Close wing position of Appias albina Boisduval, 1836 – Common Albatross.jpg
Appias galba species Appias
Close Wing position of Appias galba (Wallace, 1867) – Indian Orange Albatross.jpg
Appias indra indra subspecies Appias indra
Close wing position of Appias indra (Moore, 1858) – Plain Puffin.jpg
Appias lalage lalage subspecies Appias lalage
Close wing position of Appias lalage Doubleday, 1842 – Spot Puffin WLB.jpg
Appias libythea species Appias
Western Striped Albatross (Female) I IMG 0295.jpg
Appias lyncida eleonora subspecies Appias lyncida
Close wing position of Appias lyncida, Cramer, 1777 – Chocolate Albatross WLB.jpg
Appias olferna species Appias
Close wing position of Appias olferna Swinhoe, 1890 – Eastern Striped Albatross.jpg
Catopsilia pomona pomona subspecies Catopsilia pomona
Close wing nectaring of Catopsilia pomona Fabricius, 1775 – Lemon Emigrant on Ixora coccinea WLB DSC 0060.jpg
Catopsilia pyranthe pyranthe subspecies Catopsilia pyranthe
Close wing position of Catopsilia pyranthe Linnaeus, 1758 – Mottled Emigrant WLB DSC 01 7 5.jpg
Cepora nadina nadina subspecies Cepora nadina
Close wing position of Cepora nadina Lucas, 1852 – Lesser Gull.jpg
Cepora nerissa nerissa subspecies Cepora nerissa
Close wing puddling position of Cepora nerissa (Fabricius, 1775) – Common Gull WLB.jpg
Colias fieldii fieldii subspecies Colias fieldii
Close wing nectaring of Colias fieldii Ménétriés, 1855 – Dark Clouded Yellow on Bidens pilosa.jpg
Delias acalis pyramus subspecies Delias acalis
Close wing position of Delias acalis Godart, 1819 – Redbreast Jezebel.jpg
Delias agostina agostina subspecies Delias agostina
Close wing position of Delias agostina Hewitson, 1852 – Yellow Jezebel.jpg
Delias belladonna ithiela subspecies Delias belladonna
Close wing position of Delias belladonna Fabricius, 1793 – Hill Jezebel Butterflies of Talle valley - 5.jpg
Delias berinda berinda subspecies Delias berinda
Close Wing mud-puddling position of Delias berinda (Moore, 1872) – Dark Jezebel.jpg
Delias descombesi descombesi subspecies Delias descombesi
Close wing position nectaring of Delias descombesi Boisduval, 1836 – Red-spot Jezebel on Alstonia scholaris WLB 1E7A1501.jpg
Delias eucharis species Delias
Close wing position of Delias eucharis Drury, 1773 – Indian Jezebel WLB DSC 0118 .jpg
Delias hyparete indica subspecies Delias hyparete
Close wing position of Delias hyparete Linnaeus, 1758 – Painted Jezebel on Alstonia scholaris.jpg
Delias pasithoe pasithoe subspecies Delias pasithoe
Close wing position of Delias pasithoe Linnaeus, 1767 – Red-base Jezebel Butterflies of Pakke - 12.jpg
Dercas verhuelli doubledayi subspecies Dercas verhuelli
Close wing position of Dercas verhuelli (Hoeven, 1839) – Tailed Sulphur.jpg
Eurema andersonii jordani subspecies Eurema andersonii
Close wing position of Eurema andersonii Moore, 1886 – One-spot Grass YellowWLB DSC 0056 (2).jpg
Eurema blanda silhetana subspecies Eurema blanda
Nectaring of Eurema blanda (Boisduval, 1836) – Three-spot Grass Yellow.jpg
Eurema hecabe hecabe subspecies Eurema hecabe
Close wing position of Eurema hecabe Linnaeus, 1758 – Common Grass Yellow WLB DSC 3904.jpg
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides subspecies Eurema simulatrix
Close wing mud-puddling position of Eurema simulatrix (Staudinger, 1891) – Changeable Grass Yellow.jpg
Gandaca harina assamica subspecies Gandaca harina
Close wing position of Gandaca harina Horsfield, 1829 – Tree Yellow DSC 0169.jpg
Hebomoia glaucippe glaucippe subspecies Hebomoia glaucippe
Open wing position of Hebomoia glaucippe Linnaeus, 1758 – Great Orange-tip.jpg
Ixias pyrene familiaris subspecies Ixias pyrene
Close wing position of Ixias pyrene Linnaeus, 1764 – Yellow Orange-tip (Male).jpg
Leptosia nina nina subspecies Leptosia nina
Close wing position of Leptosia nina Fabricius, 1793 – Psyche WLB.jpg
Pareronia avatar species Pareronia
Close wing position of Pareronia avatar Moore, 1857 – Pale Wanderer Butterflies of Pakke - 19.jpg
Pareronia hippia species Pareronia
Open wing nectering of Pareronia hippia Fabricius, 1787 – Indian Wanderer (Male) WLB DSC 1486.jpg
Pieris canidia indica subspecies Pieris canidia
Close wing position of Pieris canidia indica Evans, 1926 – Indian Cabbage White.jpg
Prioneris philonome clemanthe subspecies Prioneris philonome
Close wing position of Male Prioneris philonome Boisduval, 1836 – Redspot Sawtooth WLB 1E7A1744.jpg
Prioneris thestylis thestylis subspecies Prioneris thestylis
Close wing mud puddle posture of Prioneris thestylis (Doubleday, 1842) – Spotted Sawtooth.jpg
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