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In this project, we have documented the available butterfly species and subspecies in Sikkim. This is an extended part of the Wiki Loves Butterfly project namely Wiki Loves Butterfly in North-East India (WLB-NEI). In this project we are concentrating on the district wise butterfly species availability in different season in Sikkim.

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List of areas covered[edit]

East Sikkim[edit]

North Sikkim[edit]

  1. Namprikdang
  2. Passingdang
  3. Mantan
  4. Ringkhola
  5. Sanklang

South Sikkim[edit]

West Sikkim[edit]


Name Image Role Designated for Field work Task Allocation Covered Area
Sandip Das (talk)
Sandip Das IMG 20160425 162648.jpg
Shooting butterfly specially in Macro Photo uploading in Commons and Identification of Species East Sikkim, North Sikkim
Tamaghna Sengupta (talk)
Tamaghna Sengupta WLB IMG 0499pxt.jpg
Shooting butterfly, Identifying species Photo uploading in Commons and Identification of Specices East Sikkim, North Sikkim
Ananya Mondal (talk)
Ananya Mondal.jpg
Mentoring, Preparing schedule, Identifying butterfly Creating and upgrading articles, Identification of Species and categorise the images


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  • List of Articles of butterflies found in Sikkim (in Bengali Language)[[2]]