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Wiki Loves Caucasus

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Wiki Loves Caucasus is the annual regional contest, which is organized by Caucasian Wikimedians. The Caucasus is a mountainous region in south-eastern Europe. The main goal of the contest is to create as many articles about the Caucasus in the languages of the Caucasus as possible.

The contest will consist of two levels:

  1. National level - the language sections of Wikipedia in the languages of the Caucasus will hold their own local contest, where they will write articles about the Caucasus, except for themselves;
  2. International level - everyone can write about the Caucasus in any language and in Wikipedias. The winners will receive valuable prizes both nationally and internationally.

The contest takes place in October every year.


The idea of holding Wiki Loves Caucasus was born during the Wikimedia Summit 2019 in Berlin, when a non-formal meeting of Wikimedia representatives (Chapter/User Group) from the Caucasus and surrounding countries took place. During the discussion with the representatives of Wikimedia Russia, Wikimedia UG Azerbaijan, Wikimedia Armenia and Wikimedia UG Georgia, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to hold regional competitions that unite the region as a single system. We decided to hold contests in Wikipedia in the languages of the Caucasus (Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Russian, Lezgi, Chechenian and etc.). Competition will be held in other languages that don't belong to the Caucasus region, they will composes an international level. The theme of the first competition will be the topic of GLAM. The competition according to the plan will be held in October-November of this year, there will be different prizes for the winners.

Past events[edit]