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Wiki Loves Caucasus 2019/Rules

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For all Wikipedia (except Caucasian)


Contestants from other Wikipedias (non-Caucasian Wikipedias) can take part and write articles about the Caucasus on any topic. There is also a list of articles that has a recommendatory form and is a guide, but it doesn't mean that you should write only these articles, you can write about Monuments and Geographical features of the Caucasus (biographies are not recommended, this item is regulated by regional organizers).

  • Articles must meet the following criteria:
  1. The minimum size of article is 3000 bytes.
  2. A minimum of two sources must be indicated.
  3. The article should not have problematic templates.
  4. An author applying for a prize must create at least 10 articles that meet the above requirements.
  5. Add your article here.

Prizes: Amazon.com Gift Cards

For Caucasian WP


Caucasian Wikipedia themselves set their specific rules on Wikipedia.