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Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group
ACT UP, poster, from health activist group founded in New York City in 1987

Wiki Loves Pride - Health 2019 is an affiliated event of Wiki Loves Pride 2019, part of a global campaign in the Wiki Loves X outreach tradition.

This year's campaign also includes an art writing contest at Wiki Loves Pride - Art and a photography contest at Wiki Loves Pride - Commons.

Your topic could be either a biography or organization or movement or medical topic related to LGBT health. You can translate from another language, or start your article from the beginning. Eligible articles for this sub-contest should use be at least in significant part about LGBT health.

We will have prizes for winners, both overall and in special topic areas, with one point for every new art article and 0.5 points for every expanded art article

This is a global event, and all languages are eligible.

For any questions, or help with topics, ask on the discussion page.

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You can participate by:

  • 'Writing 1 new article', at least 300 words / 3k bytes, in any language, on an LGBT health topic.
  • 'Expanding 2 existing articles', at least 300 words / 3k bytes, in any language, on an LGBT health topic.

The contest will run from 19 June 2019 (00:01 UTC) - 31 July 2019 (23:59 UTC).

Articles previously written or expanded as early as 1 June are also eligible.


Competition is supported by Wikimedia NYC
  • Grand Prize: US$300
  • Most Points from HIV/AIDS Topics: US$100
  • Most Points from Developing Country Topics: US$100
  • Most Points from Family and Youth Topics: US$100
  • Most Points from Bi Topics: US$100
  • Most Points from Trans and Nonbinary Topics: US$100
  • 8 Consolation Prize: US$25 Each
  • Certificates to winners and the organizers
  • Please see prize terms and means of distribution

Article recommendation[edit]

  • Lesbian health
  • Mental health in the LGBT community
  • Substance abuse in the LGBT community
  • Notable LGBT health professionals
  • Translation of articles between different language Wikipedias
  • -


List your contributions of new and expanded LGBT health topic articles, that fulfill the rules of the sub-contest.

You can sign up now, then fill in your contributions as you make them.

  1. Homoseksualitas dan psikologi, new article, 3.645 kilobytes.
  2. Psikoterapi afirmatif gay, new article, 5.253 kilobytes.
  3. Disforia gender pada anak-anak, new article, 3.493 kilobytes
  4. Kontroversi donor darah lelaki seks lelaki, new article, 3.405 kilobytes
  5. Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, new article, 3.155 kilobytes
  6. Kesehatan transgender, new article, 7.174 kilobytes kilobytes
  7. Perawatan kesehatan transgender, new article, 6.152 kilobytes
  8. World Professional Association for Transgender Health, new article, 5.366 kilobytes
  9. Terapi hormon transgender, new article, 3.278 kilobytes
  1. Verenluovutuskielto miesten välisestä seksistä, new article, 11.449 kilobytes
  2. Seksuaali- ja sukupuolivähemmistöihin kuuluvien nuorten itsemurhat, new article, 7.419 kilobytes
  3. Väkivalta seksuaali- ja sukupuolivähemmistöjä vastaan, new article, 16.433‎ kilobytes
  4. HIV miesten välisestä seksistä, new article, 8.582 kilobytes
  5. LGBT Health, new article, 3.153 kilobytes
  6. Hivpoint, new article, 4.595 kilobytes
  1. Luwadi new 5,464 bytes
  2. Madigo new 3, 100 bytes
  3. Laverne Cox new 4,471 bytes
  1. Homosexualidad en Etiopía, expansion, 6,501 bytes.
  2. LGBT rights in Zimbabwe, expansion, 31,551 bytes.
  3. LGBT rights in Burkina Faso, expansion, 6,949 bytes.
  4. Donald Laub, expansion, 9,419 bytes.
  1. സ്വവർഗ്ഗലൈംഗികതയും മനഃശാസ്ത്രവും, new article, 1,68,257 bytes
  1. சமூக நல்லிணக்கம்
  1. id:Vaginoplasti, new article, 9,979 bytes.
  2. id:Penanganan HIV/AIDs, new article, 13,745 bytes.
  3. id:Terapi penentuan ulang seks, new article, 13,842 bytes.
  4. id:Terapi hormon maskulin, new article, 8,082 bytes.
  5. id:Perempuan seks perempuan, new article, 9,062 bytes.
  6. id:Denialisme HIV/AIDS, new article, 9,072 bytes.
  7. id:Seks anal, expansion, 54,719 bytes (+7,185 bytes).
  8. id:Terapi hormon feminin, new article, 7,723 bytes.
  9. id:Gay Doctors Ireland, new article, 5,467 bytes.
  10. id:Mermaids (yayasan), new article, 8,946 bytes.
  11. id:Transgender Victoria, new article, 5,203 bytes.
  12. id:National LGBTI Health Alliance, new article, 8,097 bytes.
  1. Psicoloxía da homosexualidade, new article, 11.157 bytes
  2. Controversia sobre a doazón de sangue de homes que teñen sexo con homes, new article, 60.825 bytes
  3. Terapia hormonal para transxénero, new article, 13.571 bytes
  4. World Professional Association for Transgender Health, new article, 3.648 bytes
  5. Psicoterapia afirmativa gai, new article, 8.290 bytes
  6. Disforia de xénero en nenos, new article, 4.967 bytes
  7. Normas de atención á saúde das persoas transexuais, transxénero e de xénero, new article, 11.561 bytes
  8. Asistencia sanitaria transxénero, new article, 28.037 bytes
  9. Suicidio entre mozos LGBT, new article, 14.005 bytes
  10. Violencia contra persoas LGBT, new article, 3.557 bytes
  11. VIH e homes que teñen relacións sexuais con homes, new article, 36.871 bytes
  12. LGBT Health, new article, 3.906 bytes
  13. Homosexualidade en Etiopía, new article, 5.926 bytes
  14. Asistencia sanitaria LGBT na Administración da Saúde dos Veteranos dos Estados Unidos, new article, 17.952 bytes
  15. Gay Doctors Ireland, new article, 5.409 bytes
  16. Mermaids (ONG), new article, 9.504 bytes
  17. National LGBTI Health Alliance, new article, 7.810 bytes
  18. Transgender Victoria, new article, 6.507 bytes
  19. GMFA, new article, 9.131 bytes
  20. Rainbow Project, new article, 4.888 bytes
  21. Orfo da SIDA, new article, 3.213 bytes
  22. Lactancia e VIH, new article, 9.175 bytes
  23. OraQuick, new article, 4.540 bytes
  24. Sarcoma de Kaposi, new article, 7.262 bytes
  25. HIVToolbox, new article, 4.059 bytes
  26. Complexo de demencia asociado á SIDA, new article, 8.801 bytes
  27. Vacina contra o VIH, new article, 10.833 bytes
  28. Serofobia, new article, 4.854 bytes
  29. Profilaxe post-exposición para o VIH, new article, 3.597 bytes
  30. Profilaxe preexposición para o VIH, new article, 6.817 bytes
  31. HIVToolbox (es), new article, 3.990 bytes
  32. Laverne Cox, new article, 15.455 bytes
  33. Terapia hormonal para transgénero (es), new article, 13.942 bytes
  • Tata (Bahasa Indonesia) (Basa Jawa), 2 new
  1. Bedah maskulinisasi wajah, new article, 8.737 kilobytes.
  2. ꦣꦶꦱ꧀ꦥ꦳ꦺꦴꦫꦶꦪꦒꦺꦤ꧀ꦢꦼꦂ, new article, 10.133 kilobytes.

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