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Wiki Loves Pride/2020

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Audre Lorde

This page aims to lists all events and project pages organized by Wikimedians for the month of June in 2020, often referred as 'the Pride month' in USA and few other countries. Following the recent events around the death of George Floyd and as an intersectional solidarity movement, a focus for this year is made towards black LGBTIQ+ related topics. Also the Month of pride traditionally celebrates the Stonewall uprising, and Stonewall has important roots with the LGBTIQ+ African American communities.


Project pages:[edit]

List of articles missing in various languages[edit]

Ideas of work to do[edit]

  • Commons ː the categories concerning bisexuality are not accurate (see . Also the project page LGBT Free media needs to be revived
  • Wikidata ː we need to fix reverts of P91 concerning sexual orientation that we started during the Wikimedia Hackaton in May 2020
  • Wikisource ː no idea yet but coming....
  • find puns that people can use to ease communication on the projects and uplift spirit. This has been done during the wikimedia Hackaton and rocked. On the francophone Wikipedia. the Queering Wikipedia conference (cancelled duu to Covid 19) was annouced with a pun. The usual detractors were busy understanding the joke and comments were much more friendly. Can positive communication be queered and allow free speech and respect alltogether using jokes?
  • look at Queering Wikipedia for more ideas...