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Pages and projects working on Wiki Loves Pride 2023 (can be Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata)

Wiki Loves Pride 2023, supported by the Wikimedia LGBT+ and les sans pagEs user group, is an expansion on previous years' Wiki Loves Pride campaigns.

General campaigns[edit]


29 April 2023 Lesbians in concentration camps, editathon in parallel with Queer Code exhibition
Queering Wikipedia (online)
Presentation about Wiki Loves Pride 2023, date to be confirmed
6 June 2023
Lyon Pride (10 June 2023)
10 June 2023, workshop at the LGBT pride event
11–14 June 2023, date to be confirmed
late July 2023, date to be confirmed
Final event
January 2024 — Let's celebrate our success stories! (Date to be confirmed)

On-wiki organisation and resources[edit]

English Wikipedia[edit]

WiR Pride June 2022.png

Francophone Wikipedia[edit]

Mois de l'histoire LGBTQ+

Italian Wikipedia[edit]

Spanish Wikipedia[edit]

Portuguese Wikipedia[edit]

Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia[edit]

Multilingual events[edit]

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