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Wiki Loves Renewables

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One form of renewable energy is wind energy. What role do renewables play in your daily life or on special occasions?



This page assists with the collection of information related to Wikimedia activities around renewable energy, provisionally framed in the popular format of Wiki Loves X.

The idea for this came out of a Wikimania 2021 session organized by the Wikimedians for Sustainable Development and is expected to be fleshed out here in an iterative fashion in the future.

Ideas for activities

  • Contests (photos, media etc.) around renewables — the generation of renewable energy, the technological and political framework, the communities involved and interactions with their environments, both in daily routine and in unusual circumstances
  • Editathons around renewables
  • Efforts to make renewable energy-related approaches part of Wikimedia activities more generally, e.g. as a criterion for choosing office space or event venues
  • Solar stove week



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