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This is the main landing page for Wiki Loves Women project 2021 in Rwanda,which is launched as part of the SheSaid campaign.
The aim of the campaign is to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of notable women who has contributed massively to the field of Business in our country through Wikipedia in collaboration with likely minded organizations and individuals with the same vision of bridging the gender gap on the internet.

Details of Activities[edit]

The Project is designed into two main interventions training and edit-a-thons. The project is targeting every women out there but not excluding men who want to help celebrate women through the SheSaid campaign.

  • Preparation and Planning: August 2021
  • Training Sessions: September 2021
  • Edit-a-Thon Training and Uploading Sessions -October 2021
  • Online Training Sessions-November 2021
  • Small gifts & Certificates Presentation for participants - End of November 2021
  • Reporting and Closing : December 2021


Project Team[edit]


Key Mentors


  • Planning and Budgets
  • Training - 1
  • Edit-a-thon - 1
  • Training 2
  • Edit-a-thon - 2
  • Certificate and gift Giving and Report Writing

Raport link[edit]

List of articles created&improved and Usernames of all participants Excel sheet[edit]

User names[edit]


It takes everything; that is why we used manual technique Excel sheet to get WLW contribution

Events Photos[edit]

In person edit a thon

WLW Rwanda Clementine.jpg
Launch of Wiki Loves Women In Rwanda.jpg
Nyinawumuntu Jeannette presenting during Wiki Loves Women edit a thon.jpg
Online edi-a-thon


Social Media Channels[edit]