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Wiki Loves Women/SheSaid/SheSaid 2023/WikiDZ

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Wiki Loves Womenː SheSaid

    Information and Objectives about campaign in Algeria


    Date:01 October 2023 to 31 december 2023

    • Participate in the global #SheSaid Campaign
    • Raise awareness about gender gap across Wikimedia projects and the need to bridge it
    • Train new and existing editors on how to create/edit women Wikiquote entries on Arabic and others languages (Algeria) Wikiquote.



    Creating visuals to promote the campaign and Wikiquote each edition is an effective way to engage the audience and generate interest in the initiative.
    Visual materials like postcards, bookmarks, and banners which can serve as eye-catching reminders of the campaign's mission and encourage people to take part. They can be distributed at events, conferences, and other gatherings to attract attention and spark interest in Wikiquote and the importance of recognizing and celebrating women.

    1. #SheSaid2023WikiDZ



    Calendar of Events

    • Workshop to be confirmed