Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021

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September 1st to 30th 2021
Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021

Wiki Loves Women South Asia is an article writing contest to improve gender gap in Wikipedia and create the related articles about South Asian Women. The article writing contest will be organized in South Asian Wikipedia communities with the help of each language specific coordinator. This year the project will start on September 1, 2021 and end on September 30, 2021.

This year WLW South Asia will focus on women's empowerment in the South Asian context. WLW South Asia 2021 will also focus on feminism, motherhood, women biographies, LGBT and gender focused-topics. It includes, but is not limited to women and queer topics (women in folklore and mythology, violence and crime against women, gender discrimination, adolescence, puberty and reproductive health).


If your local Wikipedia is already participating, ask if you can help judge articles if you are interested:

Find Your Local Wikipedia!


Detailed information about the prizes will be announced soon.

Why participate?

Wlm-icon-note-white.svg Help Wikipedia to minify gender gaps and enrich with more diversity.

Wlm-icon-note-white.svg Participating in the competition is a great way to experiment and learn more.